Board Meeting October 19, 2015

Present: Marc Scovill, Claudia Graebel Beermann, Todd Petersen, Ed Stern, Carole Wilson, David Kirchner, Barb Hassing, Madhu Bangalore, Mary Cummings, (Executive Director)

Absent: David Dixen, Barbara Beltrand, Jeanne Novak

Minutes: August minutes approved. September board meeting was primarily social and no minutes were taken.

Financial Report (Mary):

  • Mary reviewed the annual tax form at the board meeting and the following was read.
  • MN Annual Report: Motion to approve the following:
    • We, the undersigned, state and acknowledge that we are dully constituted officers of this organization, being the President and Treasurer respectively, and that we execute this document on behalf of the organization pursuant to the resolution of the Board of Directors adopted on the 19th day of October, 2015, approving the contents of the document, and do hereby certify that the Board of Directors has assumed, and will continue to assume, responsibility for determining matters of policy, and have supervised, and will continue to supervise, the finances of the organization. We further state that the information supplied is true, correct and complete to the best of our knowledge.
  • Motion seconded, and passed.

Executive Director’s report:  

  • Roger Forsberg would like to have a second memorial dance for his deceased wife. Mary said the first memorial dance might be different from having second or third events. The board referred this request to the program committee.
    A contra dancer requested that the mirrors in the large dance space be covered during contra dances, because reflections from the mirrors causes migraines. The board approved approximately $400 for drapes to cover the mirrors.
  • Mary is preparing a year-end letter describing fund raising over the last year. Tapestry’s best donor is offering a $30,000 match to help with additional fund raising. The donor is offering to let Mary determine the specific timing of the match, i.e. the match could be done in two parts, to fund separate items.
  • Preparations for International Weekend are going smoothly.
  • Call of the Loon preparations are also going well.
  • Mary received two notes. The first note was from the custodian, who was appreciative for his bonus. The second note was from a group of young dancers of color from Walker Art Center saying they a wonderful experience at Tapestry and it fulfilled their needs perfectly.
  • Tapestry had an energy audit that looked at lighting. Tapestry will purchase a refrigerator for special events, but it will be only plugged in twice a year for International weekend and Call of the Loon.
  • The City of Minneapolis is considering two ordinances that would affect employers in the city: one would require providing advanced schedules for staff the other would require employers to provide sick leave to employees. The advanced schedules don’t really apply to us. But we should get ahead of the sick leave proposal (which is 1 hour earned per 30 hours worked). The board invited Mary to write a proposal on sick leave for the board to review.
  • Monique Meister and Linda Ellinger found many old documents in the basement. An example, Tapestry Folkdance Center membership records from 1983. Some of these individuals are still members. Mary will review these documents and share them with the board next month.
  • Tapestry will post the accessibility document on the web site.
  • The letter describing Tapestry’s discussion with TC Swing that was posted at Tapestry was marked up. The board approved reposting the swing letter. Mary will post a comment sheet next to the letter. The letter will be posted until November 15.

Committee Reports.

  • Marketing Committee (Ed). The marketing committee exists again. The committee will meet bimonthly (every two months). The Marketing Committee’s primary purpose is to market Tapestry events and the organization, and to support the needs of the staff with regard to marketing and promotion. The committee is not responsible for finding renters; that falls to the executive director. At the last meeting the committee discussed items that may be needed to assist with the mission, e.g. making a display banner.
  • Program Committee (David). Met for first time in six months. Plan to meet quarterly from now on. The committee would like to add fifth Sunday to Ballroom (which currently meets on the first and third Sundays). The board discussed allowing the committee discretion to make reasonable decisions as long as the board is informed. This may require more policy development. The Hmong dance will continue into 2016. Previous dances had only 2 attendees. The committee wants to give the teacher the opportunity to try again for a cut of the door fee. There was a birthday celebration at last family dance.
  • David noted that the Facilities Committee does not have any member of the board on the committee. However, Mary is a member of the committee. Mary reports that most of the work of the committee is doing hands on work. There are not many actual meetings.

Donor Party (Carole)

  • All of our large donors came. This year’s hosts, Gina Bonsignore and Rick Garber have agreed to host this event again in October 2016.

November 1 Donor and Volunteer Appreciation Dance (Carole).

  • November 1 Dance was announced at Contra.
    1:00 -2:00 pm business meeting. Marc will talk. Bruce Nelson will talk about building plans. Mary will talk about the Minnehaha Avenue reconstruction project. Carole will discuss fund raising.
    Dancing will be scheduled from 2:00-5:00 pm. Most of the dance communities will be represented.
    Contra, English Country Dancing, Scandinavian Dancing, International Dancing, and Bollywood.

Arts Access Chautauqua – September 25-26, 2015.

  • The session at the Cowles Center focused on providing accessibility to the arts by participants with disabilities.
  • The goal is to look for inclusion instead of disability.
  • Mary asked if Tapestry should have more board training on this issue.
  • The board considered discussing the topic of inclusion at least once per year, possibly more often. An annual communication is important because it fosters continuity among the board and volunteers in the presence of turnover.
  • Inclusion of all people in Tapestry activities should also be discussed at membership meetings.
  • International Dancers are starting a second line for frail dancers and new dancers to facilitate inclusion. (Carole)

Closed Session. Discussed topic of people visiting Tapestry who are not participating in Tapestry activities.

  • The board asked Claudia to review the current policy documents and report back to the board.

Meeting adjourned 10:00 pm.

Next meeting: November 16, 7:30pm.

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