Board Meeting – July 18, 2016

Present: Jeanne Novak, Mary Cummings, Todd Petersen, Ed Stern, David Dixen, Carole Wilson, David Kirchner

Absent: Marc Scovill, Madhu Bangalore

  1. Select Temporary Secretary.
    • Todd Petersen, the former Secretary and new Treasurer, agreed to take notes for July.
  2. Minutes: May minutes approved. There are no June minutes, because the June board meeting was cancelled.
  3. Financial Report (Mary).
  • Mary discussed the June 30 balance sheet (end of fiscal year 2016). She noted the balance sheet is preliminary, there are often adjustments made in both July and August to tie things back to FY 16.
  • Page 2 Revenues and Expenditures Line 1 and 2, contributions exceeded budget. Revenue item on Line 5 is state arts board for $15,000. Because of a change in policy at the State Arts Board, Tapestry will not receive revenue from the State Arts Board in FY 2017.
  • Dance revenues are mostly on target.
  • Lines 27-30, rent. Did better on rents than predicted by budget.
  • Line 23. Special events, miscellaneous: mostly New Year’s Eve plus other special events.
  • Line 35 is mostly old checks to contractors that were not cashed.
  • Staffing as projected. Artist fees as projected. English country fees paid only once per year and paid after the close of fiscal year, then the payment is adjusted to be in the previous fiscal year.
  • Line 128. Paid more in one fiscal year because we decided to do the HVAC all in one year. Tapestry still owes $3,200 to HVAC contractor. Tapestry is holding back this payment because there are still a few operating issues that need to be resolved.
  • After the English Country bill is paid and if Tapestry pays the HVAC contractor under FY 2016, we may be in slight budget deficit for the year.
  • Parking lot maintenance will be done sometime after the Minnehaha Avenue Project is complete.
  • Ed asked about grants to update the façade. Minneapolis does offer some matching grants that require that Tapestry contribute. Ed is concerned that the building is dark outside. Mary said that we have not raised funds for this. What type of façade update may be appropriate? Perhaps move this to the facilities committee (David K.)
  1. Executive Director’s Report
  • HVAC system has been installed. Bruce Nelson is collecting data on problems with the HVAC system. Are users happy with the climate control?
  • The facilities committee would like Tapestry to get rid of the floor lamps. Other users like the floor lamps. The facilities committee is concerned that some of the lamps are unstable. They don’t like loose lamps and cords. Mary said that many people like to use the floor lamps. Ed and David agree that we should keep the floor lamps. Carole would like stable floor lamps that are coordinated. David K. said we perhaps should remove the tippy floor lamps temporarily (put them in storage) and see what response we get. David also suggested that we keep some lamps for musicians.
  1. Board Nominations.  
  • We are having trouble getting new board members. Some people are near retirement and have suggested that they might be willing to serve after they retire.
  • The nominating committee comprises two board members and two non-board members. The committee is currently short a couple of members. We need to replace Barb Hassing, because she is not on the board anymore. Also Steve Petersen is gone for the summer.
  • The board discussed potential new board members, both from within the Tapestry community and without. Because the nominating committee is short of members, we assigned current board members to contact potential board members to determine interest in serving on the board.
  • Mary will provide a paper handout to board members who are willing to talk to potential members.
  1. Board Officers policy document.
    • The board approved a new policy on the selection of board officers. The primary author of the policy was Carole Wilson.
  2. Select a new board secretary for FY2017.
    • No volunteers for the year, but David Kirchner will act as Secretary for the August meeting.
  3. Plan for Fall Annual Membership Meeting.
    • Past Fall annual membership meetings have been poorly attended. The board brainstormed about the content of the membership meetings and how to attract more attendees.
    • Carole and Mary will work more on the membership meeting plan for something in November.
  4. Plan for Fall Donor Party.
    • Sunday October 16. To be held at Rick and Gina’s Bonsignore’s home. Carole will organize this.
    • The board meeting on October 17 will be at Carole’s home.
  5. Responses from Dance Communities regarding the financial or logistical help for training, community building etc.
    • The International Coordinating Committee is requesting assistance with teacher training.
    • Family dance will ask for marketing assistance. David K. would like to have the committee meet with Leslie and find out what she can do to help with marketing that won’t add a lot to her duties.
    • Mary said to listen at dance communities and ask for information.
  6. Policy on Videotaping at dances.
    • The contra band Entwyned videotaped the contra dance at Tapestry on May 28, 2016. This lead to a discussion of board policy on contractors. Currently, Tapestry has written contracts with the Woven Ring for the English County program and the contractors for two weekend-long events (the International Dance Weekend and the Call of the Loon Weekend). However, bands, teachers, and callers at weekly dances are not offered a contract.
    • The board asked Mary to develop a short-form contract for independent contractors that will be signed whenever Tapestry hires a band, teacher, or caller. Mary will send out different contract options to dance communities and will ask input from the dance groups. Also Mary will draft a short contracts tailored to contra, international, and ballroom and will check with the leaders of each committee and ask for input. After Mary gets feedback, she will develop final versions of the contracts and report back to the board.
  7. Developing a fund to help lower income people with attendance and membership costs. (Carole)
    • Carole was concerned three years ago that membership costs were exceedingly low and benefits exceedingly high. Tapestry changed the membership fee to $70 per year. Carole would like to add an option for a lower membership fee, which might cost $40 or less. The difference between the lower membership fee and the current membership fee of $70 would be subsidized by donors. Another possibility is to allow for a donor to anonymously pay for someone else’s membership.
    • David K has some thoughts but would like to table this for the next meeting. David D. will move this item higher on the August meeting agenda.
    • Meeting adjourned 9:53 pm.

Next meeting: August 15, 7:30pm.

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