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Tapestry Folkdance Center creates opportunities for participation in the joys of dance and music from around the world.

Tapestry's Program Calendar

Tapestry Program Calendar

Our dances are:

  • Pay at the Door: no registration required
  • No experience necessary: Beginners welcome!
  • No partner necessary
  • Alchohol free
  • Family Friendly
  • Accessible to those with disabilities

Top News

Dear Friend of Tapestry,

Thanks to the truly generous offer of a $15,000 matching grant challenge and the outright anonymous gift of $10,000 from the same family, Tapestry is poised to reach our goal of $92,000 for the “Bricks, Tar & Air” campaign IF we are successful in raising a matching $15,000 from you. These funds may only be used for building projects, including painting, brick repair, repaving of two parking lots, installation of a new air intake system and replacement of both HVAC systems over the next few years.

This offer ends on August 31, 2015, and the entire $15,000 needs to be raised in order to receive the grant. The family has indicated a willingness to continue to fund Tapestry projects in the future if we’re successful in matching this first offer.

Most of the $62,000 raised so far has come from large donations of cash and stock from relatively few people. Now is an opportunity for everyone in the dance community to become involved – at whatever gift level you are able to give to enhance your dance home. No donation is too small and all donations will result in a doubling in value once the goal is reached.

Rewards for donations will include public acknowledgement of gifts of $100 and up and an invitation to a donor party for gifts of $250 or more. Gifts to the “Bricks, Tar & Air” campaign are designated funds and cannot be used for any other purpose. But, a combination of regular operations support and donations to the maintenance campaign will be combined for the purposes of the donor party and public recognition. A wall display will acknowledge gifts by broad categories for this particular fundraiser and is expected to be up soon.

If someone is a basic member at $70 and gives $30 (designated for the “Bricks, Tar & Air” maintenance campaign), that member will be listed as a donor at $100 in the fiscal end of year documents and the donation will be doubled to $60 by the matching grant. If someone currently gives $100 per year for operations and decides to give an additional $150 toward the maintenance fund, that person will be acknowledged as giving a total of $250 for the year and will be invited to next fall’s donor party.

Another public thank you will come in the form of a free dance party once the entire $92,000 goal has been reached. The party will be scheduled later in the fall of 2015.

Thanks to one and all for generously contributing to this special fund which will ensure that repaired bricks keep wall moisture out, parking lots are smooth and pothole free, CO2 levels are kept low due to the new air intake system, and reliable air conditioning and heating are guaranteed for the next 15 to 20 years!

Carole Wilson,
Tapestry Vice President
Fund Development Committee member

Note from the Executive Director- $15,000 Challenge Opportunity!

I’m thrilled and gratified to share the news that an anonymous Tapestry dancer will match – dollar for dollar, up to $15,000 – your donations to the “Bricks, Tar & Air” building maintenance campaign. This matching program begins March 1, and ends in August. Success with it will bring us to our campaign goal of $92,000 – in about 1/3 the time we’d projected it would take. This then opens the opportunity to devote the balance of 2015 and 2016 to work towards covering the $37,873 which, we recently learned, the Minnehaha Avenue reconstruction project will cost us.

Bricks Tar and Air poster
You can track the matching campaign with the beautiful poster in the hallway showing and celebrating the campaign progress. Nancy Ward, with creative and logistical aid from Rick Wheeler, created it for Tapestry. Watch for the colorful patches as we step up the ladder of donations for the match!


Mary Cummings
Executive Director

“We are the Folk; these dances are for us” -Fer Horn

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