Emergency Procedures

Tapestry Folkdance Center Emergency Procedures
Updated April 4, 2016

The safety of our dancers and volunteers is of utmost importance. Do not put yourself or others at risk at any time. Live to dance another day.

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Fire/Medical/Police: 911
  • City of Minneapolis: 311
  • Non-emergency Police: 612-673-5703
  • Executive Director Mary Cummings: 651-227-5248

Facilities Emergency:

  • Facilities Emergency: Bruce Nelson, 651-647-4326 or Wayne Francisco 952-934-2977
  • Plumbing Emergency: Tom Hewitt, 612-205-3539
  • Electrical emergency: First try to reach members of the Facilities Committee: Bruce Nelson, 651-647-4326, or Steve Sullivan, 612-327-8886. If they are unable to assist and the issue needs to be resolved over the weekend, call Nelson Electric for 24/7 service, 612-724-9500.
  • Custodian: Wayne Meuchel, 612-729-3185


Alarm System: Our security company is Electronic Installation. Our contact is Chris@eiisecurity.com; phone 763-425-8850.


  • If you get to the alarm box by the front door within 4 minutes of the alarm sounding, you can stop the alarm by entering your PIN. You can also go outside and swipe your keyfob.
  • If it is MORE than 4 minutes you will NOT be able to disarm it with your code. Call 1-877-260-8428 and tell the security company code 3R001356 and code word “dance.” The security company will cancel the police dispatch.
  • LEAVE A NOTE OR PHONE MESSAGE for the office staff (612-722-2914) to report what has happened and why the alarm went off.

Snow Emergency

  • Tapestry typically does NOT close the building unless the teachers for the evening decide they will not hold classes. Teachers should call the Executive Director (Mary Cummings: 651-227-5248) and leave a message if they are not going to be teaching due to weather. Staff will update the voice message and homepage of the Tapestry website to announce a snow emergency closure.

Medical Emergency

If there is a cardiac emergency,

  • Do not move the person unless there is a risk of further injury if you do not.
  • Call 911. If no one has a cell phone, there is an emergency phone in the safe room. Give the operator Tapestry’s location: 3748 Minnehaha Avenue S, Minneapolis. Do not hang up on the dispatcher until you are told to do so.
  • Retrieve the AED machine from the kitchen cabinet. The cabinet is marked with a photo of the machine.
  • Press the green button and follow the verbal instructions.

Fire Emergency

In case of fire:

  1. The fire alarm will sound or, if a fire is discovered, the house manager should use the pull boxes to activate the alarm. There are pull boxes by the front door of each studio, by the front door of the Center (under the light switches) and in the hallway outside the main studio.
  2. The house manager will announce a general evacuation over the microphone.
  3. ALL event attendees and volunteers should evacuate immediately. Everyone is to gather in the parking lot across Minnehaha Avenue next to Midwest Window Co.
  4. If the fire is small, the house manager and/or volunteers and employees may use the portable fire extinguishers found by the doors (front and back) in each dance studio and in the main hallway by the small studio door, to attempt to extinguish the fire.

Tornado/Extreme Weather Emergency

  1. In case of tornado, weather sirens should
  2. There is an emergency radio in the safe room. Please use it to stay apprised of the weather emergency.
  3. House managers should ask everyone to move calmly to the bathrooms, the safe room, the hallway between the dance studios, the basement (there is a key in the basket in the safe room) or the coatroom, as these rooms do not have windows.
  4. When the local radio issues an all clear, the house manager is to use his/her judgement as to whether to continue the dance event or end it. Be aware that damage to roadways, buildings and downed trees may make travel difficult for your dance attenders so it may be advisable to end the dance early.


Facilities Security

Locking Doors & Windows

Tapestry is a secure building. Staff are not present at all times so it is the responsibility of those in the building, whether Tapestry program volunteers or Tapestry renters, to ensure that the building is secure.

  • Keep the doors locked at all times during the day
  • If students will be coming and going from a class, post teacher phone number on the door so students can call and someone will open the door OR leave a student by the front door to let people in.
  • Do not leave door propped open.
  • Do not open windows. It is too easy to forget and leave them open or unlocked. Use the thermostat in the room for temperature control.

People in the Space

If there are people in the building who do not appear to be with a group, ask them why they are there. If they are not with any dance group, ask them to leave. (Do not assume they are going to secure and lock up!).

Teachers and house managers, be sure your students leave the space with you or before you (unless they will be going to another dance). You are responsible for your people.

If there is another dance/lesson in progress, let the other teacher know you are leaving so they know they are in the building alone. This could be as simple as waving goodbye.

If you are the last or only person in the building, be sure there are no other people in the building. Ask everyone to leave. Check the bathrooms, too.


In the unlikely event that outsiders are blocking use of Tapestry’s parking lots, ask the offending parties to please move their vehicle. This may be done as an announcement by the house managers. The following people are authorized to call 612-227-4357 – Bobby & Steve’s (our towing service) – to have cars towed:

  • Marc Scovill
  • Ed Stern
  • Donna Francisco
  • Bruce Nelson
  • Bob Anholt
  • Ceil Wirth
  • Any Tapestry staff member
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