FAQ: Dancing at Tapestry

“What is Folkdance?”

A folkdance is a dance that is meant to be danced by everyone in the community. Often the dance steps are simple and do not require extreme physical contortions or strength. The simplicity of the steps allows everyone to have fun moving to the music and getting to know the other dancers.

“I have never danced before. Are beginners welcome?”

Absolutely! Beginners are welcome at all of our dances (unless specified as an advanced dance). Many of our dance programs have lessons at the beginning of the dance to introduce newcomers to the dance form. And there are always people in the dance who can help you get up to speed.

“Do you have to be a member to dance?”

You do not have to be a member to dance at Tapestry. Everyone is welcome! We encourage you to consider becoming a member because it supports our dance community, and as a dancer it gives you a discount on many dances.

“Do I need a partner to come to a dance?”

Folkdancing is a great way to meet new people and make friends. If you want to dance, you won’t be left a wallflower at a Tapestry dance! No partner necessary; even those dances that require partners (like Ballroom or Waltz) encourage people to switch partners at intervals so everyone is included.

“Do I have to register or buy tickets before I come to Tapestry?”

All regular Tapestry dance programs have at-the-door registration. You can’t pre-register or buy tickets in advance. Just show up! There are a few special events during the year for which pre-registration is required, like Call of the Loon Contra weekend and the Fall International Weekend.

Tapestry rental program partners may or may not require pre-registration and pre-payment. Some of these groups offer classes to the general public and some are closed dance groups. Click on the name of the rental partner to learn more about their group.

“I have kids. Do you have a kids class and are my kids welcome at regular dance programs?”

We have a Family Dance specifically designed for kids and their families. It is offered on the 2nd Saturday of the month, from 6:30-8 pm, and has live music every month. It is a great way to connect with your children, exercise their bodies and brains, and pass down fun family traditions.

Kids are welcome at many of our other dances as well. Some dances – like Contra – are best for teens and older children who can really groove to the fast-paced patterns. Bollywood, International Folkdance, and English Country are wonderful classes for children at almost any age. You can also check our rental partner programs to see if they offer children’s classes.

Tapestry requires that a paying parent or guardian be present to supervise children attending classes or dances.

We also do outreach programs with schools and community groups. If there is enough demand, who knows? Maybe a kids camp could be on the horizon! Let us know if you would be interested.

“I am a person with a disability. Am I welcome at Tapestry?”

Yes! Many folkdance steps and patterns can be learned and done by people of almost any physical or mental ability. We have wheelchair accessible facilities and talented teachers who can adapt our dances to meet your needs and abilities. See our accessibility policy.

“What kind of behavior is expected at a dance?”

Check out our Dance Tips!

“What kind of shoes/clothing should I wear to a dance?”

Wear clothing you can move in and bring sturdy shoes. Dance shoes are not required but do wear clean, dry shoes on the dance floor to protect the wonderful wood floors. In the winter especially it is best to bring a pair of shoes with you and change into them. Please do not wear shoes with taps.

You can store coats and extra clothing in the coat room. Don’t forget to bring them home at the end of the dance!

Tapestry does not have a changing room but groups that require a change of clothing have found the bathrooms large enough to accommodate that need.

“What is your food/drink policy?”

Tapestry is an alcohol-free facility. Food and drink – with the exception of covered water bottles – are not allowed in the dance studios. Food can be served and consumed in the kitchen/lounge area.

“I would like to rent your space. How do I do so? How much does it cost?”

Check out our Rentals Page. Be aware that we do not post all Center activities on the website calendar so you must confirm availability with Tapestry staff. Tapestry programs and long-term rental partners receive preference for dates and times. Dance and movement activities receive preference over non-dance activities. The food and beverage policy applies at all times.

“I would like to have Tapestry teach a workshop at my school/workplace/church/non-profit.”

We would love to partner with you to bring the joy of folkdance to your community! Contact Mary Cummings, our Executive Director.

“I am having a wedding/party/event and I would like to hire a Tapestry caller/musician/teacher.”

Our policy is not to give out the private contact information for our teachers, callers and musicians but we will forward your request to them and they can respond to you directly if they are interested.

“I have a dance/business/event I would like to promote. Is there a space to put fliers at Tapestry?”

We are happy to help support the Twin Cities dance community. We have a community bulletin board in the hallway. Feel free to leave postcards, flyers or business cards there during any of our regular dances when the building is open.

Cant find your answer here? Call 612-722-2914 or contact us online.

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