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Welcome to Tapestry Folkdance Center

At Tapestry, we express joy through dance, and welcome friends, neighbors and newcomers. We create a diverse and successful community by encouraging all and adapting to different levels of experience. Knowing and practicing the following dance etiquette steps helps us create a successful dance experience. Treating each other with kindness and generosity ensures that everyone has a good time in our social dance setting. This makes Tapestry a community, not just a dance hall.

1. Remember your dance shoes (for those dances that require shoes). If you do not have shoes that you use only for dancing, please wipe the bottom of your shoes; we do not want to bring grit onto our dance floor.

2. Ask everyone to dance; dance with everyone.

3. Women can dance with women; men can dance with men; young can dance with old.

4. Today’s beginners are the good dancers of tomorrow; be nice to each other.

5. Remember, there is a bit of bravery involved in asking someone to dance. If you must decline a dance, smile and thank the person who asked you.

6. Dance to the level of your partner; remember, a little bit of a challenge, conveyed with a gentle spirit, can help a dancer “move to the next level” and have fun.

7. If your partner forgets a step, be gentle when helping your partner to return to the “swing of things.” Encourage your partner with a smile.

8. If you are an experienced dancer, and would like to offer help, ask first. Unsolicited teaching can be anxiety producing and awkward.

9. If you have an injury or impairment, let everyone know so that all can be considerate and careful.

10. If you perspire heavily, consider bringing an extra shirt and changing during the break.

11. Please omit perfumes and scented products to accommodate dancers with allergies.

12. Smile, be warm and personable; treat your partner the way you’d like to be treated in a group of people you don‘t know.

13. Always remember, the goal of social dancing is simple: to enjoy dancing and have a good time!

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