How Does Dancing Make You Feel?

Here’s how some dancers at the 2016 Call of the Loon weekend responded to this question:

“Connected with the best things in life – energy, passion, community spirit.”

“Beautiful, light, free then exhausted.”

“Centered. Gets my priorities realigned and makes me ready to face life again.”

“Refreshed and part of humanity. Sensual in a safe environment.”

“Joyfully alive and connected to others”

“I feel beautiful, happy, and occasionally confused. J”

“Happy: like meditating because my mind is on the dance and nothing else.”

“Young, vivacious, alive, joyful, fulfilled.”

“Relaxed, satiated, alive.”

“Alive, happy, with a positive feeling about my fellow beings.”

“Makes me feel happy and more social than I would be at work or at another function. I feel like I’m making a bond with people and the overall community.”

“Confident. Both light and grounded, sometimes a little like I’m in a happy daze.”

“Wonderful! I feel most like myself when I dance!”

“Alive! Happy, connected, humble, exuberant.”

“I feel joy that I haven’t felt in awhile, tears. This makes me feel wanted in a different way.”

“Like a new, better person.”

“Alive, refreshed – a part of something bigger.”

“Flow in the moment releases life’s troubles.”

“Relaxed, exhilarated, open-hearted, joyful. Like ‘all’s right with the world.’”

“When I’m dancing, I feel at my most connected to my body, my joy, and to a real spirit of community.”

“Happy, buoyant, connected to the people around me, both dancers and musicians; confident.”

“Like I can do something well. Like I have friends.”

“Wonderful! It heals my weary spirit.”

“Happy, carefree and physically fit!”

“I’ve never had a drug that gets me so high! I love it!”

“Wonderful! Community, interacting, mathematics, surprises”

Some people encapsulated in a single word:




“Joyful” (lots of people said this)









How does dancing make YOU feel?

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