Board Meeting 6-15-2015

Tapestry Folkdance Center
Board Meeting – June 15, 2015


  • Marc Scovill
  • Mary Cummings, (Executive Director)
  • Jeanne Novak
  • Carole Wilson
  • Ed Stern
  • Todd Petersen
  • Barbara Beltrand
  • David Kirchner
  • Tuvia Abramson
  • Madhu Bangalore


  • Gordon Olsen
  • Claudia Graebel Beermann

1. Minutes: May minutes not available.

2. Financial Report (Mary):
May 31st report. Balance sheet cash position excellent (Currently $172,818 versus approximately $58,000 last year). It is much higher than last year because of the building fund campaign. Building campaign finished in one year. Unrestricted individual contributions near the goal.

  • Currently $25,767 Projected $27,000. Temporarily restricted contributions (building campaign) ahead of goal.
  • Currently $99,726, which is ahead of projected $68,000. Memberships and sustaining memberships have reached our goal.
  • Misc Revenue. The county paid $900 for an easement to use our parking lot across Minnehaha Avenue during road construction.
  • Total revenue $276,536, Total expenditures $168,583.

The positive balance of approximately $108,000 includes building campaign revenue. Next fiscal year will show a deficit when dedicated funds are spend on building projects.

Future reports will note cash available and cash restricted on the balance sheet. They will also better itemize miscellaneous revenue. Marc would like a small group to write annual reports going forward. David said his church provided a list organized by amount of donation. Tapestry does that. He proposed that we also add a list of percentage of total donations by category.

3. Budget for new fiscal year (Barbara, Jeanne, Mary):
Barbara, Jeanne, and Mary met and discussed budget for new FY. Created Cash Budget for FY 2016 with additional assumptions. The following are a few Highlights.

  • Page 3. Line 127. Approximately $40,000 will be spent on upgrading the building from money collected from the Bricks, Tar, and Air campaign. The Facilities committee is coordinating the work.
  • Line 135 has a deficit of $26,475 because we will be spending money earned this year.

The board moved into executive session to discuss personnel issues. The board reports the following from this executive session. The board approved a $200 bonus for the custodian, a $300 bonus for the financial assistant, and a $300 bonus for the marketing assistant. The board also approved a 4 percent salary increase for the executive director for FY 2016. Mary is waiting for solid budget figures for the FY16 Call of the Loon from the Call of the Loon planning committee. Tuvia would like the program committee to review new programs and assist people with establishing appropriate financial plans. David moves we approve the budget as amended, Carole seconded it. Board approved unanimously.

4. Executive Director’s report:
Mary is holding interviews to replace Martha Megarry this week. There will be a significant overlap before Martha leaves. Alarm and phone system has been moved to Comcast from Century Link. Century Link provided poor service; the alarm was constantly beeping during rain events. This should not be a problem under Comcast service. Facilities committee capstone and painting projects are being arranged. We are getting a new bike rack as part of the Minnehaha Project. The old bike rack may be moved across the street.

5. Accessibility Policy.

  • Board made a few changes to the proposed policy.
  • Tuvia made a motion that we accept the policy as modified.
  • Board approved policy, as amended.
  • The practices and procedures will be determined by the Accessibility committee over the next few months. The committee plans to host a series of meetings with volunteers to discuss procedures.

6. Donor Party and Celebratory Fall Dance (Carole)
Donor party will be held on Sunday September 20th, 2:00 – 5:00 pm at Gina Bonsignore’s house. David asked about having musicians. He will check on this possibility. Celebratory Dance. Probably will happen some Sunday this fall (Nov. 8 or 16). David recommended Contratopia present both dances: Saturday Contra and Sunday Celebratory Dance.

7. Election of New Board Members (Marc):
Robin Murie recruited new board members. David recommended we all consider helping with recruitment next year. Two new board members were proposed, Barb Hassing, and David Dixen. Starting a three year term in July 2015. Barb Hassing is a long-term member of the international committee. David Dixen dances in both Contra and English Country Dance groups. Both were elected to the board. The board wishes to formally thank the nominating committee: Robin Murie, Steve Petersen, David Kirchner and Marc Scovill for providing good candidates.

8. Community Relations and TC Swing (Ed):
Ed is concerned that nothing has been written to explain the discussions Tapestry had with TC Swing this spring. Marc has recruited someone to write an article on this topic for the website. The board discussed how to accomplish this communication with the members. The board wishes to keep open and transparent communications with Tapestry members.

9. Dance Church (Tuvia):
Tuvia wanted further discussion on Dance Church. Tuvia has no issue with renting to Dance Church. But he doesn’t want the name Dance Church to show up on the calendar. Mary said they have a right to be on the calendar. A slight change has been made in the calendar to clarify which activities are rental groups and which activities are directly sponsored by Tapestry. Carole investigated the web sites explaining Dance Church. She believes it is a spiritual group and not a church. Ed has generalized this discussion. What is a rental group and what is a Tapestry program? He wanted it known that some rental groups work on performance and only accept new participants at certain times of the year. Tapestry sponsored events are social dances and always welcome new participants. The typeset on the website and in Tapestry publications has been changed and now differentiates renters from Tapestry sponsored programs. Staff will review the website to make sure the distinction is visible

10. Young Dancers Meeting (David)
David met with the other three regular callers and the young dancers who expressed concerns at our last board meeting. The callers will make a few changes in the way they supervise the dance.

11. Tuvia is leaving the board at the end of June.
The board wishes to thank Tuvia for all of his help over the last four years on the board and as chairman of the programming committee.

Next 3 meetings to occur on regular schedule

  • July 20th
  • August 17th
  • September 21st

Meeting adjourned.
Next meeting: July 20th, 7:30 pm.

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