Board Meeting April 18, 2016

Tapestry Folkdance Center Board Meeting
April 18, 2016

Present: Marc Scovill, Claudia Graebel Beermann, Jeanne Novak, Mary Cummings, Barbara Beltrand,  Todd Petersen, Ed Stern, David Dixen, Carole Wilson, David Kirchner, Barb Hassing, Madhu Bangalore

  • Minutes: March minutes approved provisionally. Mary, Ed, and Todd will revise item on committees from four years ago.
  • Financial Report (Mary):
  • Mary reports we are ¾ through the fiscal year. Look at item 1 in revenues (unrestricted revenues). Currently have $75,608, which is well past the goal. Also have exceeded restricted revenues (Item #3). Sustainers above budget. Contra revenues below budget. Bollywood ahead of budget. On track for renters. Artist fees are doing OK.
  • Page 3. Line 128 $50,000 budget, year to date $42,977. Have made half payment of $32,000 for HVAC and are waiting to receive the material order. Hope for installation by end of April, very likely by end of May.
  • $38000 CD purchased for 6-months so money will be available for Minnehaha Avenue project.
  1. Executive Director’s report:
  • The board discussed the draft investment policy and procedures document. Claudia and Barbara Beltrand will prepare a new draft for next board meeting.
  • The MN Arts Board declined Tapestry’s application for FY2017 because our expenditures did not meet the new Arts Board threshold. Tapestry is a smaller organization with the departure of swing a few years ago.
  • There is a possibility that Tapestry will meet the expenditure requirement in a future because the Minnehaha assessment may count towards the total. This assessment will be paid on our FY 2017 statement.
  • A contra dancer on Saturday April 16 was robbed by three men at gun point. He was sitting in his car at 9:00 pm in the parking lot.(Special Note: On Tuesday following the board meeting, the police told Mary that three juveniles, not from the area, had been caught later that Saturday evening pulling the same thing.)
  1. Strategic Plan Meeting Notes from Sunday April 3 Meeting.
    • The strategic plan should be formally adopted by the board in May or June. It is the work of this current board. The plan should state that it will be reviewed two or three times a year. The plan should also specify who (staff, board, executive director) is responsible for each item in the document.
    • Mary would like to look at Goal 2, Point 3: Education of the community. Ask dance committees if they are teacher run or committee run? An example from the January meeting of the contra committee: the committee talked about providing more education than is typically done at the beginning of the contra dance on Saturday night.
    • The board decided that the strategic plan that was outlined at the board retreat needs a little tightening up. Barbara Beltrand will organize the notes from the board retreat on a spreadsheet so we can capture the big picture and then prioritize items. This will provide a format for project management.
    • The spreadsheet will be sent to the board for review. Each member should pick out five priorities with a mix of short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals.
    • Barbara Beltrand, Barb Hassing and Claudia, will clean up the document after the board responds this week. The spreadsheet will have a comments column.
  2. Note to Board Members: In all emails, please start the subject line with Tapestry.
  3. Policies and Procedures documents.
    • The board reviewed the Board officers policy document.
  4. Review of Bylaws, Carole.
    • Carole asked that we all look at the bylaws so that we can discuss it next month.
  5. Secretary opening for FY2017 will be on the agenda for May.
  6. The board moved into closed session to discuss a problem dancer. Mary will write a letter and deliver it to the problem dancer regarding this issue.
  7. Cleanup weekend will be this weekend.

Meeting adjourned 10:12 pm.


Next meeting: May 16, 7:30pm.

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