Board Meeting December 21, 2015

Present: Marc Scovill, Claudia Graebel Beermann, Jeanne Novak,  Todd Petersen, Mary Cummings, Ed Stern, David Dixen, Carole Wilson, David Kirchner,  Madhu Bangalore

Absent: Barb Hassing, Barbara Beltrand

Guest: Dathon Evo

Minutes: November minutes approved.

Financial Report (Mary):

  • Mary reviewed the monthly financial report.
  • Mid Year Budget Revision
    • Last month at 10% of goal for individual contributions.
    • Now we have $74,300 in individual contributions.
    • Revenues lines 1 and 2. Mary has proposed budget be changed to line 1 = 67,000 and line 2 = 12,000 (donor restricted)
    • Mary suggests that we do a board resolution indicating board intent to fully pay the $38,000 Minnehaha Avenue assessment.
  • The following board resolution was passed unanimously: “The Board intends to pay the Minnehaha Avenue assessment in full when it is due in December 2016.”
  • Dance revenues are reasonable. Some revenues from dances are up and some are down. Most are down a little.
  • (Claudia) The board discussed coming up with contingency plans to mitigate the parking problem that will ensue during the Minnehaha Avenue reconstruction. What can we do for safe parking? Let’s set up 45 minutes to an hour in January or February board meeting to brain storm.
  • Rent is fine. Approx. $24,000
  • Line 130. Money for enhanced videos may be available.
  • Line 135. Should have estimates for HVAC by January; may do the whole system at once, because we need to hire a crane to get the equipment on the roof. Also lighting will be about $7,500, because wiring is required. Bruce Nelson says that the indirect lighting we have is expensive and burns a lot of electricity. Wants to change to controllable LEDs. Also they may offer color change.
  • Also looking at new sound board. Mary is estimating $2000.

Executive Director’s report; Possible Board Retreat for Strategic Planning:  

  • Mary working on upcoming report to the MN Arts Board. One year from now, we will need to apply for a large grant to the MN Arts Board. We need to think about a strategic framework for this application. Mary recommends a board retreat.
  • Mary will meet with Elaine Webber in January. Elaine is a consultant who will help us work up a draft strategic plan.
  • Mary would like to have a board retreat for one day or ½ day in March or April to move this forward. We would have Elaine and Mary lead the board in discussion on formulating a strategic plan.
  • Mary will tell Elaine that most board members are willing to allot one weekend day to strategic planning. Mary and Elaine will think about how much time is needed.
  • David K and Claudia said we should ask some of the dance groups to think about this strategic planning too.
  • Mary and Elaine will be looking at what other smallish arts organizations have for strategic plans that they present to the State Arts Board.

Proposed Staff Benefit changes: sick and vacation leave accrual. (Claudia and Todd)

  • The City of Minneapolis had proposed requiring employers to provide sick leave for all employees in the city. This got the board thinking about revisiting employee benefits for sick and vacation leave.
  • Claudia presented the proposal to the board. The board unanimously approved that starting in January, employees will accrue both vacation and sick leave. Hours accrued will be prorated based on nominal hours worked per week.
Hours normally
worked per week
 Vacation hours
accrued per month
Sick hours
accrued per month
Less than 10 No accrual No accrual
 Greater than or equal to 10 and less than 20 3 3
Greater than or equal to 20 and less than or equal to 30 4 4
  • Full policy details will be presented to board for final approval at January meeting.
  • This leave policy change required a revised budget. Also, Dana’s position (financial assistant) is requiring more hours than was originally budgeted (approximately 22 hours per week). The board voted to approve a revised budget that incorporates both the staff leave-accrual change and additional hours for the financial assistant.

Slate for January election of officers and Board member recruitment.

  • Marc asked us to think about who is currently serving as an officer and who is interested in continuing to serve. He also asked who might wish to continue on the board beyond their initial three year commitment.
  • Ed would like board members to stay on longer than three years. He wants more continuity for Tapestry.
  • We need someone who is interested in becoming the treasurer. Barbara will be leaving the board in July, but is willing to assist a new treasurer.
  • David K. is willing to serve on the board recruitment committee. He will ask Barb Hassing if she is willing to assist. The nominating committee must have an equal number of board members and non-board members. Dave will recruit two non-board members.

Environment and Behavior Expectations. (Draft Mary, David K., and Ed)

  • We hope to address behavior norms and help our volunteers
  • We need both positive statements and some limiting statements.
  • An important audience for this document is the house managers, so they have guidance on how to deal with situations. (Mary)
  • A draft document on behavioral norms was drafted Mary and David K. and revised by Ed. The board approved posting this document in a prominent place. Mary and Carole will work on an expanded version of the behavioral norms document for house managers and volunteers. This will help the volunteers deal with difficult situations.

Meeting adjourned 9:45 pm.

Next meeting: January 18, 7:30pm.

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