Board Meeting – January 18, 2016

Present: Marc Scovill, Claudia Graebel Beermann, Barbara Beltrand, Todd Petersen, Ed Stern, David Dixen, David Kirchner, Barb Hassing, Madhu Bangalore, Mary Cummings, (Executive Director)

Absent: Jeanne Novak, Carole Wilson

  1. Minutes: December minutes approved.
  2. Financial Report (Mary):
  • Balance sheet doing well.
    • Revenue Line 1 Unrestricted, exceeded budget
    • Revenue Line 3 Restricted, also exceeded budget.
    • Need another $25,000 for building projects (not previously anticipated). But, the good news is that Tapestry should have enough funds based on current revenue projections.
  • Bruce Nelson tried to have lighting and HVAC info for tonight, but could not get the necessary bids before the meeting.
  • Barbara B. and Claudia will work on a policy on where to put Tapestry Funds to maximize interest.
  1. Executive Director’s report; Possible Board:
  • Marc reviewed the Minnesota State Arts Board Annual Report for information and said it looked good. (current grant is $15,000/year) The report is ready for submission. The report is long and complicated. But, it is good for Tapestry because it is an outside look at our organization and pressures us to do well. One year from now Tapestry can apply for an increase in the grant amount. Next year’s report will be more complicated. Because of this the board needs to conduct strategic planning. Criteria include quality of service, number of people served, accessibility, evaluations, etc. Tapestry needs a strategic plan that looks forward two to three years.
  • The duties of the volunteer membership coordinator will be given back to the staff. Certain duties, like stuffing envelopes will still be done with volunteers. Some energy was lost in communicating between Dana and the volunteer coordinator. This will no longer be necessary and Mary thinks that this task will not take much additional staff time. Mary will check on how Tapestry is keeping track of memberships (Access, Excel, or something else) and report back to the board.
  • Mary calculated attendance statistics for the program committee and found that the attendance is stable overall
  1. Election of Officers
  • The following people were elected to Board officer positions for Fiscal Year 2017 starting July 1, 2016: Marc Scovill, President; David Dixen, Vice President; and Todd Petersen, Treasurer. The Secretary will be elected later.
  1. Environment and Behavior Expectations.
    • Mary and Carole were planning to add details for volunteers. Nothing happened because Carole left on vacation and Mary was busy with the Arts Board Report. The expanded version will happen later.
    • We may call additional meetings to train house managers. Carole and Mary will work on this.
  2. Environment and Behavior Expectations. (Draft: Mary, David K., and Ed)
  • We hope to address behavior norms and help our volunteers
  • We need both positive statements and some limiting statements.
  1. Problem Dancer at Contra
  • Closed meeting. The boards reports out of the closed meeting that the Executive Director, with executive committee review, will write a draft letter addressed to the problem dancer regarding his behavior and requiring a change in this behavior at Tapestry dances. The Contra callers will be informed so they are aware of this issue.
  1. Committee Reports
  • David Dixen reports: Bruce had a no show with an HVAC contractor, so he doesn’t have bids yet. Mary said we have one bid on the HVAC system, but there are a few questions on this bid. Facilities committee hopes to get this done in March, but Mary said more likely May or June.
  • David K. reports we have ordered a new sound board for the large space. It should be in place by next weekend. We will develop an operating manual for the sound board.
  • Marketing (Ed): did one concrete motion: create two banners with Tapestry’s name and logo (one horizontal and one vertical). Committee approved motion directing Leslie to design these two banners with a total cost of $200. The Executive Director can approve this expenditure. Social Media: There is a Staff at Tapestry Facebook page, which is not Tapestry’s main Facebook page. Committee discussed creating a Social Media policy. We are seeking response from students for YouTube and web site videos.
  • Board nominating committee: David K and Barb Hassing will be on the committee. Please provide names of potential members to David.
  • Programming Committee: discussed once per year memorial dance for Jan Greenfield. The committee was concerned about this and David K. talked to Roger Forsberg about this. Roger may sponsor one regularly scheduled dance per year (either contra or English Country).
  1. Archivist
    Marc found about a local historical organization that is looking at writing up Tapestry’s history. Ed is proposing that the board have an archivist. Create a database that will have the minutes, previous letters, etc. It will have all of the policies and be a resource for the board and the staff. Ed suggested we find a dancer at Tapestry who may be able to do this.
  2. Committee Structure
  • Ed wrote a committee structure policy. Get back to him with comments.

Meeting adjourned 10:00 pm.

Next meeting: February 15, 7:30pm.

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