Board Meeting Minutes April 2014

Tapestry Folkdance Center
Board Meeting
April 21st , 2014
See also Appendix:
Board Letter to TCSwing

Gordon Olsen

Marc Scovill

Claudia Graebel Beermann

Mary Cummings, (Executive Director)

Ron Williams

Roger Schaffhausen

Barbara Beltrand

David Kirchner

Tuvia Abramson


Roger Forsberg

Carole Wilson

Hassan Saffouri

Minutes: March Minutes were approved, one minor correction.

2. Financials:
oThe current budget is on track with the planned budget.
oRon applied for a grant from US Bancorp on behalf of Tapestry, however Tapestry did not receive it.
oWe do not anticipate organizing an annual fundraiser (in the budget listed with $1000) however will review opportunities to add-on a small fundraiser to other events this year.

oExpenses: We have not received final numbers from the COTL weekend.

oNew computers have arrived; the technician will be paid as expected.

Discussion ensued about advertising/promoting memberships. Announcements have been made during International Dance (Ron Williams) and English Country Dancing (Gordon). Feedback from English Country Dancing has been that they do not accept any kind of passes or discounts hence there is no immediate financial reward for members. Mary recommended that we talk about the intangibles, such as the use of the building and supporting the dance community at large.

Executive Director’s Report (Mary):
Mary sent letters to small family foundations to explore additional grants.
We have a new printer; the older printer was not compatible with Windows 7. The old one can be recycled or is available to anyone in need of a printer.
We need to update Tapestry’s website so that it is easily viewable on mobile devices and display graphics correctly. Mary is interviewing a potential candidate for this job. This person will mentor Martha, in addition to developing an improved website. Completion is anticipated in early summer (approx. 8 weeks)
We received a letter of complaint from one contra dancer about another contra dancer. Per our 1997 grievance policy we will appoint a grievance committee to handle the issue. In the past such issues have also been handled by the ED. Discussion ensued how this issue should be handled. Tuvia and Claudia volunteered to form the grievance committee and speak to the parties to try to resolve the concern amicably.

Introductory International dance update
There will be a new beginning international session coinciding with the 9 Nights of Music event. This dance will run in July and August.
This coming Friday is the last Beginning International Dance with its current and longstanding teachers. The teachers are retiring. The Board wishes to thank the teachers (Ed Stern, Teresa Mish and Fer Horn) for the many years of dedication to International Dance. There will be a party after the dance on Friday.

Swing letter update:
Our attorney has reviewed the proposed letter and gave feedback. Board members agreed on final language and the letter will be sent to TC Swing. See Appendix.

Member dinner:
Roger and Claudia presented potential dates. Discussion ensued about venue – Tapestry vs. a park. This event will be advertised as the annual member meeting as well as a dance community gathering. Roger and Claudia will present an outline of the event during the May Board Meeting.

Nominating committee: The Committee has talked with possible candidates, however there are currently no firm commitments. It does not seem likely that the slate will be large enough to fill every open spot. We will post a recruiting announcement on our website, including more information about the board positions and expectations. So far the committee has not found an interested party with accounting skills. A reminder from Mary that new board members are voted in by the full board.

Committee Reports:

Call of the Loon
oDancers turned in 96 comment forms. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. This data will be very useful for organizations such as the State Arts Board.
oDiscussion ensued about feedback to the question “I can find a dance partner whenever I wanted to dance”. Approx. 10 percent of dancers answered this in the negative.
oHeating/ventilation (HVAC): the equipment is old and we anticipate partial or full replacement in the next 2 years. The committee members are estimating a cost of approx. $35K.
oMasonry repair: Exterior in some spots is crumbling. Potential cost 10 to 12K
oParking lot repair: We have been filling cracks and sealcoating in the past. We now may need to look at repaving; estimated cost is $10K.
oInterior painting – walls: approx. cost $3K; we need more information.
oWindows: Replacement cost for broken windows is approx. $400 to 500.
oSound system: Approx. cost of a new soundboard is $1000;
oWe also need 2 laptops to run the international dance sound system.
oThe Facilities Committee will continue to develop this list, along with more specific costs and consequences if items are not addressed.
oDiscussion ensued about including monies for future capital improvements in the budgets in the coming years.
Facilities/fund development committee (Ron)

Program Committee (Tuvia)

oInternational Dancing during July & August. Carole will bring more info to the committee.
oDonna Francisco will continue to manage the Ballroom evening. Adding an additional dance per month is also under discussion. We need more volunteers for the Ballroom dance.
oSubsidize travel costs to bands that come from other states/out of town? Should they be paid more? Discussion ensued about potential higher fees for out of town bands.
oMostly Waltz: Chris Christopfel will plan the waltz afternoons.
oLine dance is not very well attended. It is a challenge to find volunteers for Admissions and House Manager. An alternative solution is for the teacher to collect the money.
oFamily dance: There is a group of 5 people who have agreed to plan a family dance. They have a draft for the Programming Committee.

Dance Norms:
The board discussed the first draft; additional changes will be made and a 2nd draft will be distributed. We envision that the dance norms will be posted in the building; they are valid for all dances.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: May 19th, 2014

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