Board Meeting Minutes April 2015

Tapestry Folkdance Center
Board Meeting
March 23, 2015

Present Absent
Gordon Olsen x
Marc Scovill
Claudia Graebel Beermann
Mary Cummings, (Executive Director)
Jeanne Novak
Carole Wilson
Ed Stern
Todd Petersen
Barbara Beltrand x
David Kirchner
Tuvia Abramson
Madhu Bangalore

1. Minutes: February meeting minutes were approved.

2. Financial Report:

• Tapestry’s cash reserves are in good shape due to money that has come in for the building fund
• Recently revised budget – activity still as anticipated.
• We are still receiving some large donations; ytd actual restricted contributions are approximately $63K
• Expenditures: no surprises. Activity is as anticipated/budgeted.

3. Executive Director’s report:

• Our attorney has reported that Ms. Hummel signed a settlement agreement. She withdrew related demands and will receive a payment. She has agreed not to pursue any other action against Tapestry in this matter.

• Discussion ensued about if and how this matter and settlement may affect Ms. Hummel’s and Mr. Williams’ relationship with Tapestry. Ron Williams chairs several committees. Mary will contact him in writing to find out about his intentions of continued participation in committee work.

• Martha, Tapestry’s Marketing and Technical Assistant, is working with Mary to devise an additional framework to work with renters who charge admissions. The admissions funds, in some cases, are out of sync with the rent they pay. The Program Committee will further discuss this issue.

4. Accessibility Task Force:

• Task Force has met twice
• Next step is to create a document outlining a policy as well as information for house managers.
• Next meeting will be April 6th.

5. Facilities Committee:

• The Committee is seeking bids for our building projects.
• One of the challenges for painting is the electrical wire hanging against the building.
• Goal is to have painting completed by mid summer.
• Madhu has done some research about mirrors for the large studio. The Facilities Committee members will be able to assist with installation.
• Mary is trying to contact the owner of Social Dance Studio, which will be closing, to check if they are selling their mirrors and if they would serve our purpose.
• Discussion ensued about possible additional signage for our building to create better visuals of activities in the building.
• Tera Scovill and Monique Meister have formed a Decorations Committee; this may be the appropriate committee to discuss additional signage.
• There has been some activity in the parking lot across the street; non-Tapestry related occupancy could interfere with parking spots for Tapestry dancers.
• Discussion ensued about purchasing additional signs to mark the parking lot as a Tapestry parking lot.
• Once the Minnehaha renovation project starts, it will be very important to create signage. Access to the lot will be via the alley for a while during construction.

6. Conflict of Interest Document:
• Discussion will be continued via email

7. TC Swing

• Discussion ensued about the conversation in progress with TC Swing to determine if we have space and times available for their dance events.
• Tapestry’s non-profit status does not allow for a rental agreement as TC Swing desires. In addition, the studios are already booked on the days and times TC Swing has requested.
• Ed proposed drafting a notice for our website, updating Tapestry dancers about the situation and outcome of the discussion.
• Discussion ensued and Board members would like to find a skilled writer to write the article.

8. Letter to Board of Directors from Pat O’Loughlin regarding passes for musicians

• Carole reviewed the discussions and analysis that lead to revamping of the free pass policy.
• The changes resulted in savings of approx. $5000 in free passes. The number of passes used has decreased significantly.
• The Board adopted the changes to the pass policy in January 2014.
• The changes included that no passes will be given to people who get paid for their work at Tapestry.
• Discussion ensued about gate receipts, musician and caller income at contra dances and if a change to our current pass policy is warranted.
• Overall, revenue at dances has increased due to fewer free passes used; this means more income generated for bands/callers.
• The Board voted to keep the current pass policy. 7 yes, 1 no, 2 abstentions.
• Marc volunteered to get back to Pat regarding his letter.

9. CDSS Camp Midwest

• CDSS stands for Country Dance and Song Society
• They offer weeklong dance camps and would like to offer a camp in the Midwest.
• Marc presented the possibility of a dance camp in Minnesota, organized by Tapestry. He indicated to CDSS that we would like to learn from their organization.
• CDSS will offer a support for a regional dance camp in summer 2016 in Michigan. The theme is English American dancing.
• CDSS inquired if Tapestry would like to sponsor a day. This may mean a financial commitment to the dance camp.
• Discussion ensued about committing financial resources to the event. Board members agreed that we would not host a financial campaign for this event.
• Marc will participate in a conference call this coming week and learn more about the 2016 dance camp and how Tapestry may be involved.
• We will continue the discussion in subsequent board meetings.
• David provided some background information about Midwest dance weekends, starting in the 70s.

10. Complaint

Tapestry received a complaint about a dancer. The meeting went into closed session. No action items arose from the discussion.

11. Creating a youth initiative

• Marc proposed creating a youth initiative.
• We have received pledges to fund such an initiative.
• Discussion ensued about young dancers we could engage for such a project.
• Discussion ensued about how we can make Tapestry more attractive for young dancers, for example by offering periodic workshops tailored to younger dancers.
• Bollywood has been very successful and has increased the number of dancers significantly; we can learn from their interactions and success.
• We will continue the discussion in subsequent board meetings.

12. Update from Madhu about Bollywood participation in the Fringe Festival.

• The Bollywood has been accepted to the Fringe Festival.
• They have been invited to participate in the fundraiser event.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: April 20, 7:30pm.

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