Board Meeting Minutes – August 17, 2015

Present: Marc Scovill, Claudia Graebel Beermann, Jeanne Novak, Barbara Beltrand, Todd Petersen, Ed Stern, David Dixen, Carole Wilson, David Kirchner, Barb Hassing, Madhu Bangalore, Mary Cummings (Executive Director)

  1. Minutes: July minutes approved.
  2. Financial Report (Mary):
  • Boring financials, 1st month of Fiscal Year.
    Cash position very good due to successful campaign. Some of cash is restricted, which is not noted on the balance sheet yet. This will be corrected.
  • Line 119. Building upgrades in July, interior and exterior painting and exterior capstones. We had hoped to have fresh air intake by mid-summer. The facilities committee member, Ken Duvio, working on fresh air intake got waylaid by other projects. He is also contacting many HVAC contractors to see which is most cost effective, do it all at once or stage it.
  • Street assessment bills due starting in December. Tapestry has 3 properties, the building and 2 parking lots. Tapestry may prepay the assessment for one, two, or all three properties. Total assessment is $38,000 for all three properties.

    The board would like the facilities committee to investigate the relationship with our immediate neighbor, Nature’s Root, and the parking lot.

  1. Executive Director’s report:
  • Hennepin County has asked Tapestry if we would like a bench outside in front of the building to be installed when Minnehaha Avenue is rebuilt. The board discussed positive and negative aspects of having a bench out front. No decision was made.
  • The annual donor appreciation reception will be held in September: thanks to Carole for organizing and to Gina Bonsignore for hosting.
  • The new Marketing assistant, Leslie, is doing well. It was nice to have a one month overlap with the former assistant, Martha. Leslie is deeply involved with the Longfellow neighborhood and a history of dancing. She is leveraging her neighborhood connections in Tapestry’s favor.
  • The board discussed the description of Tapestry committees on our web site. The board would like committee contact information to be on our web site. Currently, the website directs all committee information requests to a general email contact, which is monitored by Mary. The board considered giving each committee a separate contact email. The board considered but did not decide whether to list individual committee members, which would be done only with the approval of each member.
  1. Final Accessibility Task Force and training sessions on August 23.
  • The third Accessibility training session will be done Aug. 23. Not all board members can attend. The board suggested setting up additional board training on accessibility beyond the three training sessions. This will help us make accessibility a fundamental part of the Tapestry community.

    The board discussed ways to cement the training. We could have regular sessions every three or six months. We might bring in a facilitator or accommodation expert to help us with additional training. We also need to make sure that volunteers have accommodation training and access to outside resources to know if they can handle a situation immediately or need to ask for help. Tapestry’s accommodation policy is that we need two week’s notice to prepare a proper accommodation. Some accommodations can be handled the same evening others may require prior preparation.

  • The board agreed that the accommodation committee members, David K, Mary, and Barb H will present the history of the accommodation training to the board and summarize the three sessions. They will also lead a discussion so that the board is engaged.
  1. Upcoming Events.
  • Sept 20 (Sunday) 2:00 – 5:00 pm Donor recognition party (Gina Bonsignore’s home). People who gave between $250 and $25,000 are invited to this party. This list will be published. The total is over $120,000, but not yet tabulated. Carole would like board members who are invited to come and make donors feel welcome.
  • Sept 21 (Monday) Board meeting to be held at Carole Wilson’s home (primarily social). 7:00 pm.
  • November x (Sunday) – Free afternoon dance in celebration of successful “Bricks, Tar and Air” building campaign. Discuss logistics and costs, and possibility of combining with annual member meeting. Carole would like to know how to bring all of the dance communities together: Contra, International, and Scandinavian. How many bands are required? Roger Forsberg organized a dance in memory of his wife. That might be a template.

    Contratopia is not available in November. At the 30th anniversary, Café Accordion provided the music. We might have a combination of live music and recorded music. Perhaps have short sessions, 20 or 30 minutes per session.

    There are many outstanding questions at this time. What is the budget, which musicians, what is the schedule, etc? The board appointed Mary, Carole, and Claudia to set up a team for planning this event. David K. volunteered to find musicians.

  1. Marketing and Outreach: Tapestry at the Minnesota State Fair and other potential venues:
  • International is doing one hour for Experience Minnehaha. 1:00 – 2:00 pm Saturday August 22 (focusing on dance). Jawahir Dance Company is right after International. There will be a literature table. A second day will happen in September focusing on the arts.
  • Madhu reported on the Bollywood produced dance drama for the Fringe Festival. They sold out all shows and are the highest selling show in the history of Fringe. There were 73 cast members.
  • After last year’s show, more people came to Bollywood at Tapestry. They have also had many outside gigs. The performance dance group is called the Bollywood Dance Scene. Bollywood Dance Scene is a nonprofit organization, so it fits well in the Tapestry community.
  • The State Fair program is moving forward. Three groups will participate: International, English Country, and Contra. Karen Grantz-Keljic, George, and David Kirchner are organizing the three dance sessions.

Meeting adjourned 9:30 pm.

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