Board Meeting Minutes August 2013

Tapestry Folkdance Center Board Meeting
August 19th, 2013

Meeting start: 7:15 p.m.


Olsen, Gordon (President)
Beermann, Claudia Grabel (Secretary)
Cummings, Mary (Executive Director)
Forsberg, Roger
Carole Wilson
Ron Wilson
Hassan Saffouri
Roger Schaffhausen
Tuvia Abramson
David Kirchner
Barbara Beltrand
Marc Scovill



No changes to minutes. Minutes approved by attendees.

Executive Director’s Report:

Outreach: Amazing Race, Highland Fest, 9 Nights
Salvation Army coordinated The Amazing Race (Bollywood dance event) with Tapestry. 88 people participated. Highland Fest was a success; Tapestry had a very good presence. 9 Nights was a huge success. Participants had lots of questions and seemed interested in Tapestry, appreciative of our sponsorship.

MN State Arts Board funding decrease

Our grant was reduced to $7000 from $25,000. They recognize our contributions but they did not assign enough merit points, leading to this substantial decrease. Minutes from their discussions are not yet available. We will adjust the budget accordingly and search for additional sources of revenue.

Ideas to increase revenue (see document compiled by Mary, August 2013)

Under consideration are additional grants, building space rentals, increasing rental fees, increasing dance fees, sustaining memberships). Discussion ensued about current financial strength. FY 2013 (June 30) ended with a positive balance. In past years Tapestry had been running a deficit of approximately $10,000 and after successfully reversing this trend we want to avoid running a deficit again in the future.

Electronic Donations

Options (researched by Barbara)

Razoo Foundation, a donation consolidator.
Western Bank
Online banking (set up by individual members/donors)

Discussion held around pros and cons of each option. Board voted to chose Razoo as an outside provider as well as promote online payments via online banking.


Board previously discussed an increase to $70 of the individual membership fee. Discussion ensued around levels of membership, substitution of volunteer hours for membership dollars or canceling the member discount instead of increasing the individual dance price.

Pros and cons discussed included member disenchantment in case if no discounts were available, administrative burden of managing volunteer work/project membership, ability to offer memberships for low-income dancers.

Further discussion is needed to draft alternatives.

Board voted unanimously to increase membership fee to $70.00. All other membership levels will be discontinued.

Dance prices

Discussion of increasing dance prices or increasing attendance included following points:

Dance communities could offer their own alternatives, as they know their memberships best.

By involving dance communities in the discussion we confirm that they are an important part of the Tapestry community.

There is a certain sense of urgency to finalize decisions, however we will ask for input from the dance communities. Gordon, David, Roger and Ron volunteered to approach Contra, International, English Country and Bollywood communities to discuss increase of prices and increasing attendance. Any feedback will be discussed during board meetings as well as the November retreat. Decision delayed until the November retreat.


Tuvia & Claudia agreed will work on retreat planning with Mary.

Financial Report (Mary)

Early in the fiscal year; the biggest change and challenge is the reduction of the MN State Arts Board grant from $25,000 to $7,000.

Committee Reports

Marketing (Ron): Open Streets was successful; many people walked on Minnehaha Ave and noted Tapestry’s highly visible presence. All Tapestry dance communities were represented. Ron is also working on promoting dancing at kid’s camps. He is working with a contact from St. Olaf for ideas how to fill the 2.5 hours segment during the U of M kids camp.

CDSS (Country Dance and Song Society) Centennial Tour:

CDSS celebrates their 100-year anniversary in 2015. CDSS assists organizations with information, dance promotion, workshops and expertise on expanding programs. Board votes to submit an application to CDSS. Gordon will ask Linda Ellinger to complete and submit the application.

Open Forum

David suggested a back to school event for the weekend after Labor Day. Students with a valid ID pay a one time $5 fee and can come to dance an entire weekend. Promotion of this special one time offer will be via our website, newsletter, social media as well as announcements at dances. All board members agreed to also promote by word of mouth. Board voted unanimously to offer this one time discount.

Next meeting: September 16th at 7:15pm.
Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

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