Board Meeting Minutes December 2013

Tapestry Folkdance Center Board Meeting
December 16, 2013

Meeting starts at 7:23 p.m.


Abramson, Tuvia
Beltrand, Barbara (Treasurer) (Secretary for the 12/16/13 meeting)
Forsberg, Roger
Kirchner, David
Olsen, Gordon (President)
Saffouri, Hassan (arrived half hour late)
Schaffhausen, Roger
Scovill, Marc (Vice-President)
Williams, Ron
Wilson, Carole
Cummings, Mary (Executive Director)


Beermann, Claudia Grabel (Secretary)

November 2013 Minutes:

Motion to approve, seconded, and approved.

Financial Statements

  • Review of Draft FYE 11/30/13
  • Approximately $10,000 in contributions were received thus far in December 2013.
  • MN Annual Report: Motion to approve the following:

    We, the undersigned, state and acknowledge that we are dully constituted officers of this organization, being the President and Treasurer respectively, and that we execute this document on behalf of the organization pursuant to the resolution of the Board of Directors adopted on the 16th day of December, 2013, approving the contents of the document, and do hereby certify that the Board of Directors has assumed, and will continue to assume, responsibility for determining matters of policy, and have supervised, and will continue to supervise, the finances of the organization. We further state that the information supplied is true, correct and complete to the best of our knowledge.

    Motion seconded, and passed.

Executive Director’s Report

  • State Arts Board Grant

    – application due in January 2014; more comprehensive data required; application is underway; Tapestry is on the edge of being too small to receive state aid. We cannot keep cutting expenses; threshold is $160,000.

  • Fund Development Committee

    is pretty small and some of their functions may be appropriate for the full board. Suggest that at the February board meeting (1/2 hour) to review status of very confidential giving information and speak about direct asks.

  • Contra Committee

    has asked for funding for travel expenses for two members of Contratopiea from Decorah, Iowa who will travel together for each time they play for Tapestry dances. Discussion ensued with respect to a special contract versus a policy. Marc will ask the committee to formulate a policy and bring it to the board for decisionmaking.

Nominating Committee

  • Committee needs to be created for this fiscal year so that new board members can be found to start on July 1, 2014. Volunteers: If circumstances allow, Roger will be on the committee. He will know in ~ 2 weeks more about his work situation. David Kirchner and Marc Scovill will also be on the committee.
  • Brainstorming of possible nominating committee members collected by David (who will chair the committee). Please note: nominating committee members cannot be elected to the board.
  • All board members should seek people who would be willing to serve on the board. The website has been updated with a “broad call” for board members.
    Remember, even if the person is not interested in serving on the board, but may consider working on a committee – where lots of things get done.

Restricted monies:

discussion about the receipt of restricted monies. Direct such queries to Mary who will ensure that Tapestry does not accept restricted donations that are outside the mission or would jeopardize Tapestry’s ability to fulfil the restriction.

Retreat Follow-up

Welcoming environment is being worked on

  • Board members are speaking to individuals
  • Lights around the room
  • Tables for socializing
  • Callers have been speaking to dancers with “tips” for dancing; callers have different viewpoints, but it is being worked on
  • Quilts (loaned to Tapestry) hung on walls
  • Snacks are being provided and some individuals have started to bring snacks;
  • “Dance norms” could be called “how to make a dance fun”
  • Hallway decoration is being discussed; someone has offered to pay for it
  • Roger sent 14 names of men to Claudia for vetting as people who could be asked to make sure that everyone is asked to dance.

David Kirchner

called a dance at the University of MN Coop; about 45 students; lots of talk about Tapestry

Volunteer Passes:

See attached proposal.

  • Options to increase revenues or decrease expenses outlined.
  • Some reduction of passes has already occurred.
  • Many volunteers do not receive passes.
  • Variable situations
  • Pros and cons
  • Passes to musicians
  • 4 criteria
    • Only non-paid individuals could earn passes
    • Non-paid individuals can get 1 free dance per volunteer job
    • Non-paid individuals who are able to dance for that event receive free admission for that event and no additional passes
    • Committee members will not receive passes for committee work
    • Discussion about how band members are compensated; free passes have not always been given to band members
    • Motion to approve Carole’s proposal document and the process to send it to volunteers and then back to the board. Motion passes.

Credit cards update

  • Square is set up
  • Invites have been sent out as “mobile staff” = backup system if the system fails
  • WiFi will be set up
  • Need an admissions desk device (Ipad or Iphone or something)
  • Question raised about whether Wifi will be available to anyone
  • This will go into effect as soon as all details are resolved.

Twin Cities Swing

  • Research is much appreciated.
  • Robin, Jan, and Mark (former chairs) had information to add to the information/research

Next meeting: January 20, 2014 = Martin Luther King Day
Meeting adjourned at 8:24 p.m.

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