Board Meeting Minutes January 2015

Tapestry Folkdance Center
Board Meeting
January 19, 2015

Marc Scovill
Claudia Graebel Beermann
Mary Cummings, (Executive Director)
Jeanne Novak
Carole Wilson
Ed Stern
Todd Petersen
Barbara Beltrand
David Kirchner
Madhu Bangalore

Gordon Olsen
Tuvia Abramson

1. Minutes: January minutes were approved.

2. Financials:

Board members reviewed current financial statements. At the half-year mark, the organization is doing well financially, both for unrestricted as well as temporarily restricted donations. The donations toward the building campaign have been especially strong.

3. Executive Director’s report:

• MN State Arts Board application in progress. It will be submitted by January 23rd.

• Legal inquiry regarding A. Hummel matter. The meeting went into closed session discussion. No additional action steps are needed at this point.

• The Minnehaha Avenue renovation will be much more costly than we anticipated. The special assessments, starting in 2017, will be approximately $3600/year for 20 years. Alternatively, if we pay the entire assessment sum up front, the total cost to Tapestry will be reduced significantly. Mary will research the total assessment amount and inform the Board.

4. Election of officers for fiscal year 2016 (starts July 2015)

• Open positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

• Following Board Members are running for positions:
President: Marc Scovill;
Vice President: Claudia Graebel Beermann
Treasurer: Barbara Beltrand
Secretary: Todd Peterson

• The board voted all candidates into position. The newly elected slate of officers will start July 1st, 2015.
• In addition to the above positions, Jeanne Novak will work with Barbara as Treasurer Apprentice.

5. Nominating Committee

• The nominating committee is gearing up to start the recruiting process in the spring.
• The committee currently consists of 4 members.
• The committee needs to consist of 50% board members and 50% non-board members.
• Non-board members on the committee may not stand for election.
• David volunteered to remain on the committee. He will check with other members to find out if they are interested in remaining on this committee.

6. Committee structure

• Ed & Tuvia are working on developing a document that will outline committee structure for committees at Tapestry.
• The document they will create will include practical procedures that will help the committees operate consistently.
• Next step is a second meeting to discuss additional ideas and create a document for the entire board to review.
• Discussion ensued about topics that would be helpful to be included in this document.

7. Policy Review and conflict-of-interest statement

• Claudia, David and Todd are assembling a list of current policies and procedures
• Mary will review and add missing documents
• The group will meet to start review; a date is not yet set.

8. Update on Credit Card Processing

• Marc set up a training session for credit card processing on February 21st at 5pm.
• The session will be held at Tapestry.
• We have several phones available for use at the Admission Desk.

9. Discussion about Code of Conduct document & Conflict of Interest statement

• Barbara and Jean provided comments and recommendations for the Code of Conduct document.
• Board members reviewed the Conflict of Interest statement. Discussion ensued about appropriate wording
• Barbara will make additional changes and send a revised document to board members via email.
• Final review will take place at the February board meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: February 16th, 7:30pm.

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