Board Meeting Minutes January 2014

Tapestry Folkdance Center
Board Meeting
January 20th, 2014

Olsen, Gordon
Marc Scovill
Beermann, Claudia Graebel
Cummings, Mary (Executive Director)
Forsberg, Roger
Carole Wilson
Ron Williams
Hassan Saffouri
Roger Schaffhausen

Barbara Beltrand
Tuvia Abramson

Minutes: Minutes had not been distributed prior to meeting.

Executive Director’s Report:
Cultural Data Project data has been submitted; this is a requirement from the MN State Arts Board for all organizations who apply for a grand from the Arts Board. 2 years worth of Tapestry data, Mary put most of it together, Melanie also contributed. The lowest amount of grant money the Arts Board will distribute is $15,000. Tapestry’s budget is just barely large enough to apply for an Arts Board Grant.
Mary submitted an application for a grant from the NASH Foundation. 2 years ago we received $1500, last year nothing. We received notification that we will receive $4000. This is money for operating support.
Mary will submit a revised budget draft next month (February).
3.Financial Report:
Mary emailed out the current report prior to the meeting. No current issues. Halfway through the fiscal year, we have a positive balance sheet.
Ron is applying for a grant from US Bancorp on behalf of Tapestry. Deadline is Feb 1, 2014. We are requesting $3000 for operating support.
4.Volunteer passes:
Mary sent out the letter to volunteers outlining the revised pass program:
Comments received were overwhelmingly supportive.
No objections to changes so far.
Bruce Nelson provided suggestions for passes for building maintenance tasks (keep passes); discontinue passes for the 9 Nights of Music volunteer.
Further discussion about feedback received, including the membership committee chair. This position used to be awarded lifetime membership; Carole suggested changing this to one free pass per month.
David spoke to a few musicians about the proposed revised program and they expressed mild disappointment but would not stop performing at Tapestry.
Changes to previously distributed new pass policy:
Continued passes to Facilities,
No passes for 9 nights,
1 pass per month for the membership committee chair.
Motion made to approve the changes to the pass policy. Motion passed.
David suggested sending a letter to musician and volunteered to help draft the letter.
5.Nominating committee:
Members of the committee are David, Marc Scovill and Robin Murie.
The Committee will review and update last year’s information sheet for prospective new board members. Mary will send updated information to board members, post on website, and have hardcopies available onsite.
7 Board members will conclude their three-year assignment in 2014. We would like to recruit at least 7 new board members, 8 would be ideal.
Barbara has agreed to stay on for one more year.
Areas of expertise needed include accounting, graphic design, fund development (including grant writing and special events fundraising)
Search/recruiting period is March and April.
The Board will discuss applicants in May.
6.Annual membership dinner

Good event to continue to build our community. In the past we have had a picnic at Minnehaha Park and a dinner in a church basement. Claudia and Roger S. volunteered to help organize. Roger F. offered to fund a portion of this event.
7.Marketing & Decorating (Marc):
The Marketing Committee includes Ron, Jonathan, and Gordon. No current chair. In the past the Program Coordinator (full time position) chaired the committee. Discussion ensued about different kinds of communication and marketing efforts handling by the staff and/or members of the Marketing Committee. Do we need a Marketing Committee and how do we revitalize it? Ron and Gordon will contact Tera and Linda Ellinger and recruit them for the committee.
Marc made a motion to create a Decorating Committee. Motion approved.
Request to decorate/use wall space to communicate information, including pictures. Tera and Monique have expressed interest to volunteer for this committee.
Ask for volunteers, 2 have already expressed interest. Tera and Monique.
8.Referrals for gigs

Occasionally other organizations or individuals are looking for callers. Tapestry could be helpful in referring callers, performers. Discussion ensued about Tapestry’s role and potential referrals perceived as endorsements. We could act as a clearing house (passing along information) without any kind of endorsement. Further discussion is needed at future meetings.
Discussion ensued about the possibility to bring back a Swing dance at Tapestry. The previous Swing dance, organized and taught by Cindy and Terry was discontinued due to differences that could not be resolved. After thorough review of available documents, we agreed to draft a short letter of apology to Cindy and Terry, to acknowledge the conflicts of the past.
The Programming Committee could explore possibilities to develop other dances, including a Swing Dance.
Motion made to draft an apology letter to C&T. Ron volunteered to draft a letter to be reviewed by the board. Motion passed.

10.Communication with board members:

After a dancer had asked how to contact the Board we want to make sure that we create an easy way to communicate with board members.
Suggestion to create a general email address, for example ‘’ and post this email address on the website. Marc and Mary will discuss this suggestion.
11.Credit Cards:

We do not have a device yet to take the credit cards. We are looking for a donation for a Wi-Fi capable device. We have opened a Square account. Marc will discuss the purchase of a used phone or IPad with Mary.
Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: February 17, 2014

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