Board Meeting Minutes June 2014

Tapestry Folkdance Center
Board Meeting
June 16, 2014


Gordon Olsen

Marc Scovill

Claudia Graebel Beermann

Mary Cummings, (Executive Director)

Roger Forsberg

Ron Williams

Hassan Saffouri

Roger Schaffhausen

Barbara Beltrand

David Kirchner


Carole Wilson

Tuvia Abramson

1. Minutes:

o May minutes were approved.

2. Executive Director’s Report (Mary):

Activities in progress or completed by staff, volunteers and ED:

o Clarification of dance statistics reviewed last month.
o Submittal of a grant application to the NASH Foundation.
o Gathering, formatting and submitting required data to the State Arts Board,
o Tapestry hosted Kindergarteners from Lincoln Elementary School. Robin Nelson facilitated children’s dances.
o Website development is going well, Martha and Bob are working together towards a launch in July.
o Letters to former members who had not renewed their memberships brought following results:
o 10% letters came back as non-deliverable.
o One response stated that the programs we offer are not to their liking.
o 2 stated membership was too pricey. S
o Some are sending in their renewals.
o Programming: We do not have enough volunteers for Ballroom Dancing and will have to pay someone to do the job of admissions and house manager. After consultation with our attorney, ED concluded that an independent contractor could staff this job. The process will be documented. Some discussion ensued about our ability to attract volunteers.

3. Family dance update:

o A family dance planned during the Green Line opening had to be cancelled due to severe weather.
o The Family dance at Tapestry (before Contra) went well; approx. 7-8 families (about 20-25 people) attended.
o The dance included an arts activity for kids (making signs for and about the dance).
o We will advertise the Family Dance at 9 nights of Music.
o Going forward the committee would like to have parent input in the organization, or turning the planning over to parents.
o We can use craft supplies stored at Tapestry to put together a craft kit that can be used during the Family Dances.

4. Financials:

o Facilities/Fund Development Committee could not meet due to illness; no updated estimates available.
o We do not need to update our financial software, resulting in savings of $1000.
o We anticipate a small positive balance for this FY and anticipate the same for FY15.
o Currently unknown is the cost about needed building upgrades. The sum of 10K is included in FY15 for building updates. We anticipate raising about $5K to partially fund this expenditure.
o For this FY, the infusion of Ballroom Dance helped create this positive balance. As did a large anonymous donation, and a larger than expected grant from the Nash Foundation (2K requested, 4K received).
o FY15 budget was approved.

5. Proposed new board members

o Board members reviewed letters of interest and resumes of three applicants. Jeanne Novak, Todd Petersen and Ed Stern. Additionally, Madhu Bangalore has stated that he will also submit his application. The Nominating Committee will interview him as quickly as possible but voting for admission to the Board (if appropriate) will happen at a later time.
o The slate of three candidates was approved.
o The Board thanks the nominating committee David Kirchner, Robin Murie, Gordon Frantsen and Marc Scovill for their time and diligence in completing this process.
o Three current members are willing continue to serve on the board (Gordon Olson, Barbara Beltrand and Tuvia Abramson). The Board voted to extend the terms of all three members as proposed.
o Brief discussion ensued about the ability to serve additional terms. Per the bylaws, board members can serve 2 consecutive 3-year terms.
o Discussion ensued about possible future amendments to the bylaws to allow shorter than 3-year terms after one full 3-year term.
o David will send out an email message to new board members to inform them of the vote.
o The Board extends a warm welcome to our new and returning members.

6. Dance norms & welcoming atmosphere.

o Dancers have made an effort to engage all dancers, especially newcomers. We will continue to focus on engaging new dancers.
o We do have a strong practice of “booking ahead”. This may make it more difficult to join back in, after sitting out a dance.
o Dance norms: final changes were discussed. The document will be amended incorporating suggested changes. The Board voted to approve the amended version. The final version will be posted on foam core and one posted in each studio.
o The norms will be introduced during dance announcements; dancers will be encouraged to give comments to board members or send an email message to

7. Credit Card Payments:

o Hassan worked with Melanie to fine tune access and processing of credit card payments.

8. Future Officer positions:
o Discussion ensued about filling new officer positions (vice chair, treasurer, secretary). We will communicate via email, including new board members; then continue the discussion during the July meeting, including a vote.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: July 21, 7:30pm.

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