Board Meeting Minutes March 2014

Tapestry Folkdance Center
Board Meeting
March 17, 2014

Gordon Olsen

Marc Scovill

Claudia Graebel Beermann

Mary Cummings, (Executive Director)

Roger Forsberg

Carole Wilson

Ron Williams

Hassan Saffouri

Roger Schaffhausen

Barbara Beltrand

David Kirchner

Tuvia Abramson


Minutes: February Minutes were approved.

Budget: Budget for period ending Feb 28th was reviewed. As previously agreed, Mary will place $20,000 into a CD on March 18th.

Executive Director’s Report (Mary)
Mary attended a workshop titled Access Philanthropy where she received a directory of small foundations that donate to organizations. She has submitted one application and will review the organizations listed in the Directory for potential additional applications.
We have following volunteer needs/opportunities:
oCommunity event scheduling & coordination
oAccounting skills

Update from board members on fundraising discussions (Barbara; Marc; Hassan; Carole)
Individual fundraising efforts by above mentioned board members provided valuable feedback:
oOne previous donor just donated.
oDonations will happen when donors feel inspired to donate.
oExpression of intent to donate, albeit a smaller amount.
oReversal of decision to donate due to disagreement with a Board decision.

Nominating committee (David):
We have a full nominating committee: David Kirchner, Marc Scovill, Robin Murie, and Gordon Frandsen.
First meeting this past weekend; set a timetable and have started discussing potential candidates.
Mary has sent out a list of former board members so that the committee members are aware of prior board membership.

November 2014 Retreat items update
Creating a welcoming environment for contra dancers (Roger F., Claudia)
Roger spoke with several female Contra dancers about creating a welcoming environment: suggestions included an informal approach to this issue. To change the current perception that Contra dancers do not always welcome or like to dance with new dancers, Roger is recruiting a group of about 12 dancers who will make a commitment to dance with new dancers as well as dancers who may have sat out for a few dances.
Marc and Terra have also improved the environment by setting up tables (an idea sparked by Linda Ellinger quite some time ago), water and cups during the Contra dance, snacks during the break and announcing a gathering at Merlin’s Rest after the dance.
oHow will we measure if the efforts are working; is our atmosphere improving?
Discussion around providing a 2nd visit free pass. Rather than adding a large number of free 2nd dance passes to the dance envelope we could work with emailed passes instead. Mary, Hassan and Marc will work to create a process.

Engaging young dancers (Marc):
Marc has not heard back from Northfield dancers. No feedback from Richard. A young dancer has expressed an interest in hosting a dance at Hamline. We have hosted dances previously at Macalester (not so successful because it was off campus) and at Bethel (on campus, very successful). David volunteered to participate/call. Marc will talk with Eden (student at Hamline) to find out how we can create/plan this dance and support them.
Family dances: Tapestry is very visible in the summer at the 9 nights of music program. This opportunity can serve as advertising for other dance opportunities at Tapestry. David will work on creating communication that can be used as communication.
Roger S. : We could approach Home Schooling Organizations (past attempts have stalled) and Meet-Up postings. Stan Silver posted a “Meet Up” online notice for dancing at Tapestry. We had a group that came through Meet Up a few weeks ago. Ed Stern offered to design and pay for advertising posters.
Jonathan Balk has started a project to fund entry fees for young dancers. The Board needs to research/address the issue how such a restricted donation for scholarships can be used as a tax donation. Terra, Mary and Jonathan will get together and discuss this program. Barbara will draft solution.
Tuvia suggested contacting the High School for Performing Arts in St. Paul to advertise Tapestry’s programs.
Carole: proposing beginning international dance classes in July and August as a follow up to 9 nights of music.
U of M Student Co-Op (Richard Barnes, Jacob Kerrigan) has organized 2 contra dances with good participation (about 40 dancers per event). David Kirchner volunteered his time as caller.

Additional discussions:
Creating dance norms: Claudia is working on this with Barbara, David will forward additional information to Claudia/Board.

We now have an email address for all dancers to send comments: This address has been in effect since 2011. Emails could go to a number of board members, responses should come from the President. Most of the emails were junk mail, only about 15 comments were addressed specifically to the board. A number of board members volunteered to receive the emails sent to this address.

Mary: changes in volunteer pass policy – no significant feedback during feedback period. Ron received feedback this past Friday from International. 2 Dancers were concerned that, for example, the closer position is quite a bit of work and requires about 30 minutes of work after the dance is done.

Sustainer program: was announced at international and contra for a number of weeks. Discussion ensued to mention the Sustainer program once a month, along with updates on how many sustainers we have. Gordon: Has received feedback from English Country dancers who are upset that they do not receive a discount as members.

Other Business

Letter to TC Swing was drafted and reviewed during the February meeting. A dancer provided feedback with concern that it may have legal implications for Tapestry. Discussion ensued about the decision to send this letter with the intention to put the matter to rest. Language was revised to better convey our message and intentions. Before sending it, we will ask our attorney to review it. The matter will be reviewed again during the April meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: April 21, 2014

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