Board Meeting Minutes May 2014

Tapestry Folkdance Center
Board Meeting
May 19th, 2014


Gordon Olsen

Marc Scovill

Claudia Graebel Beermann

Mary Cummings, (Executive Director)

Roger Forsberg

Carole Wilson

Ron Williams

Hassan Saffouri

Roger Schaffhausen

Barbara Beltrand

David Kirchner

Tuvia Abramson

Minutes: One minor change made (computers for international dance sound system). Minutes approved.

Executive Director’s Report (Mary):
oBob Schmit from Laughing Waters Studio (a neighborhood business) will re-design the Tapestry website; Bob will also mentor Martha.
oMary and Karen Genetti (Volunteer Membership Coordinator) contacted members who had not renewed their 2013 memberships (92 members). The letter encourages renewal of membership as well as provides information about electronic giving and sustaining memberships.
oMary created a document comparing attendance and revenue for July2012/March2013 with July2013/March2014. Overall both have slightly increased. Some discussion ensued about the changes for some dances.


oCurrent budget: we anticipate a small positive cash flow.
oFY15 draft budget review: we anticipate significant changes in expenditures due to necessary building repairs.
oThe Fund Development Committee will meet in June to discuss building needs and strategies for fundraising. Funds may be raised through
otargeted ongoing fundraising
osmall grants
oMN State Arts Board grant
Some discussion ensued about the anticipated budget and items (income & expenditures) that are uncertain.

We will continue to gather more details and complete the discussion next month.

Member meeting & community dinner: September 20th at Tapestry, 5pm. Small studio. Potluck; Tapestry will provide some food. Roger S. and Claudia are planning the event and will call for volunteer help.

Nominating committee:

The Committee has 2 ‘yes’ commitments, a few maybes. We have 7 outgoing board members. Some discussion ensued about the size of the committee and skill sets/interests that will be good to have on the Board.

Committee Reports:
oJune Meeting will discuss necessary building improvements.
oClean up day was successful and our space looks great. 8 volunteers worked over 5 hours.
oSome items, such as old tapes have been moved to a better location but will eventually have to find new homes.

Other discussion:

oOfficer nominations and election process: We discussed the time frame for electing officers as well as providing continuity of activity/skills. We agreed to place this topic on the agenda for next month.
oRetention of documents: Barbara will research document retention and destructions regulations for Tapestry staff personnel files as well as other important documents.
oGrievance committee: In response to a grievance received, we attempted to contact the party who wrote the letter.
oThe Programming Committee is planning a special event around Toss the Possum’s last performance at Tapestry.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: June 16th at 7:30.

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