Board Meeting Minutes November 2014

Tapestry Folkdance Center
Board Meeting
November 17, 2014

Gordon Olsen
Marc Scovill
Claudia Graebel Beermann
Mary Cummings, (Executive Director)
Jeanne Novak
Carole Wilson
Ed Stern
Todd Petersen
Barbara Beltrand
David Kirchner
Tuvia Abramson
Madhu Bangalore


1. Concerns and request from international weekend

• Ron Williams joined the board meeting as a guest.
• The Board had received a letter from Amelia Hummel, Ron’s wife, outlining her concerns as well as her request for damages.
• Ron attended the meeting to present his view of the events of the international weekend. We established that Ron is here on his on behalf, rather than act as his wife’s representative.

• At this point the meeting went into closed session to discuss the above matter.

• The Board decided to contact an attorney for advice.

2. Minutes: September minutes were approved

3. Financial Report: We reviewed the September financial statement. Due to a staff change, October’s report will be ready and be reviewed at the next meeting. We have received approximately $11,000 for the building improvement fund.

4. Executive Director’s Report:

• MN State Arts Board Grant renewal application is in progress.
• Minnehaha Ave construction in 2015 will impact Tapestry.

5. Board Boot camp: 4 Board members (Ed, Jeanne, Todd, Claudia) attended the Board Boot Camp, presented by MAP. We shared information learned.

6. Dance environment complaint from beginner dancer at Contra: Claudia responded to the new dancer’s concern via email. No answer received to date.

7. Committees: Review of tasks, charges, memberships and chairs

• We have a number of different committees
• Some committees are chaired by a board member but this is not a requirement
• Contra Committee (plan & book bands and callers); no formal chair
• International Committee = International Dance Groups. Ed created a document listing and explaining the different international dance groups.
• Facilities Committee: chaired by Bruce Nelson
• Fund Development: chaired by Mary Cummings
• Marketing Committee: chaired by Ron Williams
• We discussed the desire to create a procedure that can be used as guidance for committee management; Ed & Tuvia will draft a procedure for the board to review and discuss at a future meeting.

8. Policies & Procedures: review and process for updating – moved to December. Mary sent documents to be reviewed via email.

9. Ways to create connections between different dance communities and dance events at Tapestry: discussion and assignment.

• Goal to create more coherence and relationships between dance communities, stated as a goal in the MN State Arts Board application.
• Discussion ensued if there is a desire to spend time and create this overarching community?
• If we state such an organizational goal, how do we measure and report out on successes?
• Further discussion is needed on this topic.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: December 15th, 7:30pm.

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