Board Meeting Minutes September 2013

Tapestry Folkdance Center Board Meeting
September 16, 2013

Meeting start: 7:15 p.m.


Olsen, Gordon (President)
Beermann, Claudia Grabel (Secretary)
Cummings, Mary (Executive Director)
Forsberg, Roger
Carole Wilson
Ron Wilson
Hassan Saffouri
Roger Schaffhausen
Tuvia Abramson
David Kirchner
Barbara Beltrand
Marc Scovill


Minutes were passed as presented in Draft 2. No additional changes.

Financial Statements (Mary)

Mary reviewed the financial statement and highlighted some changes and considerations:

  • Smaller than expected grant from Western Bank ($500)
  • $7038 from MN State Arts Board (this was discussed during the August Board Meeting)
  • Mary is willing to forego her Health Insurance from Tapestry effective January 1, 2014

Discussion about changing the previously passed budget to reflect these changes ensued, however no motions were made.

Director’s Report (Mary)

6 Students took advantage of the special back to school student offer. Discussion ensued to make a similar offer later in the school year. Further discussion suggested.
Acknowledgement flyer to donors and volunteers will be distributed later this week.
Streamlined membership program as of September 1st. No feedback yet. Laura Schneck has sent out renewal cards to members whose membership is due soon. A letter to explain the changes was sent with renewal cards.


Clean up day needs to be scheduled.
Program Committee has been postponed.
Waltz weekend will take place the coming weekend. Gerhard Quast proposed and organized, and will teach this two day event. Mary provided volunteer organization services and covered a volunteer shift on Saturday. It was difficult to find enough volunteers. Discussion ensued about organization of non-routine events. Individuals proposing and organizing an event also need to assist with volunteer line up for the event.

Mary, Barbara and Melanie are working on closing out the past fiscal year.

Carole is organizing a Thank You party to donors who have donated $250 or more. Approximately 48 donors will be invited.

Building Emergency Procedures (Claudia)

Document was reviewed and discussion ensued. Proposed additions to the document include:

  • Incorporate procedure how reset the security alarm.
  • Add information how to handle power outages during daylight hours.
  • Information how to handle disruptions during an event.

The revised document will be distributed to Board Members for additional review and discussion. Additional steps include:
Plan staff & volunteer orientation about the procedures

Board members are encouraged to send comments to Claudia.

Friday evening Intro International Dance and Call of the Loon weekend (Mary, Roger F.)

Discussion ensued about concerns raised by Call of the Loon Committee and International Dance Community. Both groups would like to use the small studio on Friday evening during the Call of the Loon weekend. Ron and Roger are mediating the discussion towards a solution. No proposed action from the Board at this time.

Comments from dance communities regarding MSAB grant cut and Tapestry operations budget (Roger S., Carole)

Comments received included the following:

  • Bring back Swing.
  • Add Belly Dancing.
  • Fundraiser (sale of donated items)
  • More space rentals.

Discussion of these suggestion ensued and included:

  • Past Swing Dance teachers are not interested in returning to Tapestry.
  • Considerations to include a swing dance event in the line up include timing and staffing as well as dilution of potential attendees.

Additional efforts from Board Members include:

  • Discussion with International Dance Community to increase attendance. (Ron)
  • Discussion with Bollywood dance representatives. (David) Discussion centered on possibility to slightly increase attendance prices. Any potential increase is accompanied by the request to accept credit/debit cards. David will also invite a Bollywood community member to serve on the Board.
  • Discussion ensued about our ability to take credit cards. A discussion took place a few months ago, along with a financial analysis of the cost. Suggestion to add this topic to the agenda for next month.

Open Forum

Carole drafted a letter to dancers presenting opportunities how everyone can help support Tapestry. Discussion ensued. Letter will be sent out to all dancers on current email list, posted on the bulletin board as well as copies available at the admissions desk.

The Board reviewed a proposal from Linda Ellinger addressing the budget shortfall and suggestions how to manage a more limited budget. The primary suggestion is a reduction in staffing and increasing volunteer involvement in day to day management tasks at Tapestry. Discussion ensued; the board members and Mary agreed to following action steps:

  • Review current job tasks to gain a more thorough understanding of potential consequences if staff were reduced.
  • Develop a strong plan how to increase revenue. Involve the fundraising committee.
  • Determine a target amount for increased revenue.
  • Improve communication with all dance communities to allow them to voice ideas, get involved in planning and implementation of action steps. This may include individual discussions with dance community members or leaders, invitations to join the board meetings, mailing out board meeting minutes via email.

Next meeting: October 21st at 7:15pm.
Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

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