Board Meeting Minutes September 2014

Tapestry Folkdance Center
Board Meeting
September 15th, 2014


Gordon Olsen
Marc Scovill
Claudia Graebel Beermann
Mary Cummings, (Executive Director)
Jeanne Novak
Carole Wilson
Ed Stern
Todd Petersen
Barbara Beltrand
David Kirchner
Tuvia Abramson



1. Introduction of all board members

2. Minutes:
Carole and Ed recommended minor changes in language. Claudia will make the changes and submit to Mary. Minutes were approved with recommended changes.

3. Executive Director’s report:

• Mary presented a document outlining the needs of the building, including cost projections.
• The building renovations and funding will run 3 years.
• Some dancers have already committed to 3-year pledges. Discussion ensued about the need of an ongoing capital campaign in the future as well as adding more detailed explanations to some parts of the document. The Fund Development Committee has also discussed the need for long term and ongoing funding of building repairs and improvement.
• Conflict of Interest document: Discussion ensued about the wording of the document. Board members are asked to review and voice any comments/concerns. The discussion will take place via email and all members will work towards resolving any issues prior to the next meeting.
• Education for Board Members: How does dance programming work?
Teachers, musicians and dances make up the programming committees.
Waltz has two planners.
English Country is planned by two teachers.
Bollywood is planned/choreographed by the teacher.

2. Financial Report: (Mary & Barbara)
• Melanie is doing a great job maintaining and preparing Tapestry’s financial records as well as preparing reports that need to e submitted to the State of Minnesota.
• We reviewed the current financial reports. The budget is balanced and current assets include
$55k in cash
20K Certificate of Deposit.
• We reviewed Form 990, which will be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service.
• The Board approved the financial statements for the FY ending June 30th, 2014.

3. Board member education & workshops (Carole & Marc)
• Carole reviewed information she learned during an MRAC fund development seminar last year.
• Marc attended a MAP (affiliated with the MN Council for Non-profit organizations) workshop called Board Boot Camp, as well as a fund development seminar.
• Marc proposed to include a fund development discussion in every meeting.

4. Member meeting: We discussed final arrangements.

5. By-law changes: The Board approved a change in the by-laws addressing terms of board members.

6. Tapestry at the MN State Fair

• Tapestry dance communities demonstrated dances on Sunday, August 31st.
• 4 dances (Contra, English Country, Bollywood, International)
• Dancers wore special T-shirts advertising Tapestry
• Volunteers handed out 2 dollars off coupons for a dance at Tapestry; so far one coupon was used for a dance.
• Discussion ensued how volunteers were chosen to participate as well as how the ordering and expense for the t-shirts was planned.

7. Committee Reports:

• Fund Development: (Carole)
o The Committee met to discuss fundraising for the building improvement campaign.
o We already have received several very large pledges for the 3-year campaign.
o The Committee would like to raise $30,000 starting capital.

• Programming Committee (Tuvia)
o Ballroom dancing is flourishing
o Bollywood is growing and is outgrowing the small space. Techno contra could swap with Bollywood and move into the smaller studio.

8. Donor Party
• October 19th at Tuvia’s house.
• Approximately 60 donors will be invited.

9. Next Board meeting
• Monday, October 20th 6:30 at Carole’s house.
• Very few parking spots available. Carpool or use public transportation. Bus #22 is very convenient.
• The meeting will be an informal, social gathering. No formal agenda is planned.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: October 20th, 6:30pm.

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