Board Meeting November 16, 2015

Present: Marc Scovill, Claudia Graebel Beermann, Jeanne Novak, Todd Petersen, Ed Stern, David Dixen, Carole Wilson, David Kirchner, Barb Hassing, Madhu Bangalore, Mary Cummings, (Executive Director)

Absent: Barbara Beltrand

Minutes: October minutes approved.

Financial Report (Mary):

  • Mary reviewed the monthly financial report.
  • Note that the annual budget for revenue item #1 (contributions without restrictions) is $25,000, actual to date is $2578. This is consistent with earlier years and not a cause for concern.
  • Revenues lines 29-32. Rental lines. The budget trend is good. Arena Dancers are now again renting two or three days per week. Arena Dancers is a performance group that is not open to the public. They are not a Tapestry program so their meeting times are not on the public calendar.
  • Revenue on Line 26 International Weekend was good, but a little below projections.
  • David K. noted that ongoing Contra revenues will probably be lower too because of reduced dance attendance.
  • Expenditures starting on Line 38 may change in the near future. There is a proposal to grant sick/vacation leave to employees that could affect this.
  • Checks that were written a long time ago were taken off the accounting system which resulted in negative values. We can’t honor uncashed checks indefinitely.
  • The $31755 budget shortfall is expected and is because of expenditures for building upgrades.
  • Line 133 $40,000 budget. Budget will be in deficit because we collected the money last year. But, with new fund raising, we may actually not be in deficit this FY.
  • New fundraising goal is to have $25,000 in hand by end of December 2015. An anonymous Donor has agreed to provide matches to donations through March 2016 or until the match pool is used up. The money will not be available after that date. Therefore we need to move forward on this funding campaign now.

Executive Director’s report:

  • Mary sent a two-page letter with multiple attachments to the state arts board regarding disability access and accommodation. The letter included details about Tapestry’s disability task force, the summer meetings, etc.
  • A letter from the Fund Development committee will be sent to membership soon. It will explain our current fund raising activities.
  • Dana has cleaned up mailing list.

Marketing Committee (Ed).

  • The committee met a couple of weeks ago. Had following items
  • Caren Grantz-Keljik attended training on use of Social Media. We could make better use of this avenue. A subcommittee of 4 people was formed to explore this.
  • Leslie said it is hard for her to deal with Facebook in the way she wanted to, because there is no Social Media Policy. The 4-person subcommittee will work on the policy.
  • The committee is looking at getting one or two banners: one will be used on a table or along a wall, a second option is a vertical free standing banner.
  • Had brainstorming session. Ways to promote Tapestry. Any ideas: send to Ed.
  • Does Tapestry’s liability policy cover dancers at an outside event? Yes. However,this only applies to official Tapestry events. If dancing out of the building, but as a Tapestry program, then insurance covers the group. If dancing as another program, then insurance may not be included. David K asked about how to extend liability insurance to Tapestry programs. If we extend liability coverage as a blank check we lose all control. We need some basic safe practice guidelines.
  • The Marketing committee is considering the following question: Do we have or can we get a portable wireless sound system? The committee may or may not bring this question to the board.
  • Committee hoped to find a place on the web site to make organizational announcements for members.
  • Ed said it is nice to have Leslie at meetings. She is pushing flyers at coffeehouses around the neighborhood.
  • Contra committee: The marketing committee hopes to have a joint meeting with the contra committee.

Facilities Committee (Carole)

  • Bruce Nelson is hoping to get more members on the Facilities Committee.
  • David Dixen volunteered to join the Facilities Committee as the board representative.
  • The cleanup day went well, fourteen volunteers showed up to help, and everything on the list was completed.
  • A meeting to discuss HVAC upgrades may be held in January.

Celebration Dance and Meeting. (Carole)

  • The Membership Meeting was well attended, 25 or 30 attendees. Bruce Nelson explained the ongoing projects
  • The Contra Dance had 25 or 30 attendees. It was announced at weekly Contra dances that celebration dance was for members. It should have been stated differently. Everyone should be invited to celebration dances in the future.
  • The Bollywood Dance was also poorly attended.
  • Bottom line. Make sure announcements are correct. Consider moving the appreciation dance to a weekend in winter. The weather outside was nice during the Celebration Dance, which may have limited turnout. The Contra Dance should be scheduled to start immediately after the meeting.
  • Carole wanted to know if we wanted to hold a memorial dance along with the member meeting. This topic was sent to the program committee.
  • Ed is concerned that the English Country callers were not asked to run their part of the event until about 1.5 weeks in advance. We cannot expect people to run events without sufficient prior warning.

Staff Benefits.

  • Mary said this began as a way to get ahead of a possible City ordinance. She reviewed the current hourly needs for Tapestry staff to complete their work.
  • Dana’s position (financial assistant) is requiring more hours than was budgeted. Approximately 22 hours per week
  • Leslie’s position is currently advertised as 12-15 hours per week. It typically takes about 17 hours per week to complete the work.
  • Claudia reported on the board executive committee’s review of budget for Tapestry staff. The four executive committee members would like to adjust budgeted hours so they are based on reality. Perhaps the budget should be compared against actual work done at least twice per year.
  • Staff Benefits. We should consider providing appropriate benefits to paid staff. We discussed how to create buckets of benefits. We considered providing sick and vacation leave vs. personal time off (PTO). The question is how to manage leave accrual and make it fair based on hours worked, while keeping the administrative burden to a minimum.
  • Mary uses paychecks, online software. This software probably does not allow leave benefits to be easily managed.
  • Mary currently earns 4 hours per month vacation and is expected to work half time or 20 hour per week.
  • Be careful with expenses and sustainability. How much can these benefits accrue in total? Do we need a policy that has to do with chronic illness?
  • Board unanimously approved that Mary and Barbara investigate this further and then send information to the entire board. Mary would hope that this start in January if approved.

Closed Session. Father-son frequent appearance

  • The board went into closed session to discuss this and issued a statement after discussion. Mary will draft an update to the behavior expectations notice that is currently posted.

Meeting adjourned 9:38 pm.

Next meeting: December 21, 7:30pm.

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