Board Minutes, September 18, 2016

Present: Akilah Sanders-Reed, Carole Wilson, David Kirchner, Ed Stern, Jeanne Novak, Madhu Bangalore, Marc Scovill, Midge Olsen

Absent: David Dixen, Mary Cummings, Todd Peterson

  1. The August minutes were approved.
  2. Continuing and new board members introduced themselves.
  3. The board reviewed financial statements. Nothing noteworthy to report.
  4. Carole presented a proposal that Tapestry create sponsored memberships for individuals with limited incomes. Discussion ensued, with board members generally favorable to the idea. Carole was encouraged to work together with Mary to resolve logistical details and create a more formal proposal. Some board members expressed support for asking or possibly requiring individuals with sponsored memberships to commit to serving Tapestry as a volunteer.
  5. Carole presented revised policies on board membership and board officers (action had been postponed from the August meeting). The board unanimously approved this policy after making a few wording adjustments.
  6. Ed noted that he is now working alone on the committees policy because his previous collaborator has left the board. Midge volunteered to work with Ed on this policy.
  7. David K. volunteered to be the board secretary, but said he would probably lay down some other board responsibilities, including some of his committee roles. The board took no formal action.
  8. Tapestry’s annual member meeting will be Saturday November 5, 7:00 – 7:30 pm, and will be an ice cream social. Carole outlined a brief suggested program, which board members supported.
  9. The annual gathering for major donors will be on October 16, 2pm-4pm, again at Gina Bonsignore’s house.
  10. The next meeting of the board, October 17, will be our annual social gathering. Carole will again be hosting. She will send email to remind everyone of her address.
  11. Ed announced that the new Global Dance series has begun.
  12. David K. noted that Tapestry’s appearance at the State Fair went well, despite some rain during the international dance section.
  13. David K. reported that he had previously committed (in 2015) to following up on some conversations with swing dancers previously associated with Tapestry. He acknowledged that he has not pursued those conversations, and for the sake of accountability, felt the board should be aware that he had not yet taken these actions. He still plans to do the outreach he had committed to do.

Submitted by David Kirchner

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