Building Maintenance Campaign

The good news is Tapestry owns its own building.
The bad news is Tapestry owns its own building.
How can these both be true?

For those who do not have experience with dance throughout the country, we are unique in owning a building. Having a building means we can have a lot of different dances in one space. We decide what dances we have and when. We can have big dance weekends. We don’t have to worry that the landlord will kick us out.

But we have a building. We need to pay a mortgage and maintain the building. We are at the point that we need to take care of some major maintenance. The heating and air conditioning have had some problems lately and we will soon be forced to replace these units. We would like to replace on our own schedule and not on an emergency basis. Brick work needs to be done soon, not when leaks start and bricks fall. Wear and tear means painting. We own some parking lots. Those need to be maintained and it will be cheaper now than waiting until things get really bad. The sound system is outdated and has problems from time to time.

It will cost $92,000 over the next three years. Is it worth it to have a strong dance community in one place, to have control over our schedule, to provide space for many different types of dancing, to have good callers and good music and to bring the joy of dancing to our community? I certainly think it is.

Pick up a flyer describing the various projects and how you can help. They’re in the literature rack in the hallway, and posted here on the website

You can donate to the campaign online at GiveMN here. (Note: Tapestry pays about 5% in processing fees for each donation made through GiveMN.) You can also mail in your donation to our address. Please make sure to note that your donation is for the building campaign. Tapestry’s address is:

Tapestry Folkdance Center
3748 Minnehaha Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Thank you for your generosity!

Gordon Olsen,
Past President,
Tapestry Board of Directors and
member of the Fund Development Committee

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