Tapestry Volunteers at 9 Nights of MusicTapestry provides a great place to dance thanks to our dedicated volunteers. There are many ways to volunteer, whether you have a small amount of time, or would like to be more involved. Volunteers staff our dance events, keep our facilities in good condition, and perform many other vital functions. Volunteering is a great way to become part of the Tapestry community and meet people, and can also provide opportunities to learn new skills.

Program Volunteers

Tapestry Open Streets Volunteer
These volunteers staff Tapestry events and plan future programming and special events.

  • Admissions Volunteers: Do you enjoy meeting people?  Admission volunteer greet dancers and take admission fees at events. You’ll often be the first friendly face that newcomers see at Tapestry.
  • Announcement Volunteers: Announcement volunteers keep everyone informed of all the great upcoming dance events. Announcements are made during the break at Tapestry dances.
  • House Managers: Are you a go-to person with natural leadership skills? House Managers play a critical role at dance events, making sure all the bases are covered and everything runs smoothly.

Technology & Communications Volunteers

9 Nights Volunteers
Volunteers help Tapestry leverage technologies and engage in diverse communication strategies to expand the dance community. If you can assist with any of these, contact Michael.

  • Marketing Volunteers: Marketing staff would welcome help with social media marketing and with distribution of posters and flyers around town so more people can be exposed to the dance opportunities at Tapestry. Social media volunteers would work with staff to expand our social media reach. Distribution volunteers would pick up one or a few posters at the office and put them on public bulletin boards in their community and then watch to see when the poster needs to be replaced.
  • Video/Photo Volunteers: A lot of fun things happen at Tapestry and we’d like to capture those in photos and videos.
  • Sound System Volunteers: Do you have experience or interest in electronics and sound systems? This is a great way to use and/or improve your skills. Sound volunteers work during dances and may be called upon to troubleshoot equipment at other times.
  • Technology Volunteers: We welcome volunteers who can help us improve our use of technology or assist the office staff in troubleshooting technology problems.


Committee volunteers help to develop Tapestry as an organization, plan for its future, and provide leadership. Committees offer volunteers an opportunity to develop leadership skills and make an invaluable contribution with their unique talents and skills. They are also a great way to meet people!

Fund Development Committee: Do you have an interest or a background in fundraising from within the Tapestry community, and on grant writing or other fund development areas? This committee focuses on long-term fund development to keep Tapestry financially healthy.

Fund Development Committee Members: Chair, Mary Cummings; Members, David Dixen, Carole Wilson, Marc Scovill, Todd Petersen, Jeanne Novak. Contact the Fund Development Committee

Facilities Volunteer

Photo credit Ken Duvio

Facilities Committee: We couldn’t have such a great place to dance without our Facilities Committee! They provide “hands-on” help to maintain Tapestry’s building, from changing filters in HVAC system to providing people-power for twice yearly clean-up days. They make sure our beautiful building is well cared for and maintained. You can help the Facilities Committee keep Tapestry sparkling by attending our clean up days twice a year in the fall and spring.

Facilities Committee Members: Chair, Bruce Nelson; Members, Wayne Francisco, Don Gatheridge, David Dixen, Steven Sullivan, Roger Schaffhausen, Rick Wheeler, Mary Cummings. Contact the Facilities Committee.

Marketing Committee: The Marketing Committee manages special dance appearances (like the State Fair and Open Streets) and assists with the critical task of publicizing Tapestry dances and special events.

Marketing Committee Members: Chair, Ed Stern; Members Madhu Bangalore, Jeanne Novak, Caren Grantz Keljik, David Kirchner, Michael Salazar. Contact the Marketing Committee.

Program Committee: The Program Committee looks at the scope of programming at Tapestry (discussing, listening to, facilitating, suggesting ideas), and monitors activities of the various dance-specific programming committees to ensure consistency with Tapestry’s mission and budget.

Program Committee Members: Chair, David Kirchner; Members: Steve Petersen,  Ed Stern, Donna Francisco, Mary Cummings. Contact the Program Committee.

Dance-Specific Programming Committees: Tapestry-led programs — Contra, International, English Country and Family Dance — are all developed by dedicated committees of volunteers. Most committees meet monthly or once a quarter. The remaining dances are teacher/artist organized and are not open to additional members. Contact a Dance Committee (specify in your email which one you wish to contact)

  • Contra Dance Coordinating Committee: Chair, Beau Farmer; Members, Midge Olsen, Kathy Oker, Donna Francisco, Marc Scovill, Robin Nelson, Anne-Marie Hoolihan, Mary DuShane, Pat O’Loughlin (This committee also programs Techno Contra)
  • Call of the Loon (Contra) Planning Committee: chair: Donna Francisco; members: Hollie Benton, Craig Johnson, Dathan Evo, Heather Svoboda, Heidi Bohl,Linda Ellinger
  • International Friday Dance Committee: Teacher coordinator, Caren Grantz Keljik; Programmer coordinator, Dan Garvin; Admissions coordinator, Nairi Digris; Opener/closer coordinator, Terry McGibbon
  • Advanced International Dance: Organizer Dan Garvin
  • Global Dance teachers: Gina Bonsignore, Caren Grantz Keljik, Fer Horn, Terry McGibbon, Theresa Mish, Ed Stern
  • International Folkdance Weekend Organizer: Organizer Dan Garvin
  • International Dance Coordinating Committee: Chair, Ed Stern; members, Gina Bonsignore, Caren Grantz Keljik, Shari Peterson, Carole Wilson, Barbara Rice
  • Family Dance: Chair, David Kirchner; Members, Oriane Casale, Phoebe Kirchner, Robin Nelson, Lauren Thrift, Shawn Isenhart
  • English Country Dance: Organizers Mary Kay Schladweiler, George Ehrenberg
  • Bollywood: Organizer Divya Maiya
  • (Mostly) Waltz Afternoons: Organizer Chris Christopfel
  • Ballroom: Organizers Donna Francisco, Bob Anholt
  • Line Dance: Teacher Judy Procai

Board of Directors: Serving on the board brings you right into the heart of Tapestry and allows you to provide leadership and help to shape and grow our community. Contact the Board of Directors.

Board of Director Members: President Marc Scovill, Vice President David Dixen, Secretary TBD, Treasurer Todd Petersen; Members: Madhu Bangalore, David Kirchner, Ed Stern, Carole Wilson, Midge Olsen, Jeanne Novak, Akilah Sanders-Reed (Ex Officio, Mary Cummings, Executive Director)

Not Included: Nominating Committee, Accessibility Task Force (whose work was completed) and ad hoc activities committees such as planning the fall membership event and celebratory dance.

How to Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Mary Cummings, Executive Director.

Thank You Volunteers

Thank you to all Tapestry Volunteers for your generous contributions to the Tapestry community! We couldn’t do this without you.

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