Tapestry Rental Rates

Rental rate is based on length of rental, facility rented, time of day and expected attendance.

  • A short-term rental ranges from one visit to a 6-month contract. A long-term rental is 6 to 12 months.
  • Daytime hours are 5 am to 5 pm; evening hours are 5 pm to midnight. Talk to staff if you anticipate your event will go beyond midnight
  • Tell staff the number of people expected at your activity at the time your contract is drafted. If attendance at an event turns out to be significantly different than anticipated, billing will be adjusted accordingly. Tapestry reserves the right to verify attendance with a site visit.

Weekday Daytime Rental Rate (5 am to 5 pm)

 Either Studio Small Studio Large Studio
1-35 people in attendance $15/hr $17.50/hr
36 or more people regular rates regular rates

Weekend and Weekday Evening Rate

 Small Studio Short –Term Long-Term
1-35 people in attendance $30/hr $20/hr
36 to 50 people $50/hr $50/hr
Large Studio
1-35 people in attendance $35/hr $25/hr
36-50 people $50/hr $50/hr
50-75 people $75/hr $75/hr
75 to 100 people $100/hr $100/hr
More than 100 people To be negotiated

Non-Dance Rentals: Negotiable (call to describe prospective event and for rates)

Damage Deposit

As of 10/1/15, a damage deposit of $100 will be required for non-dance reservation and for dance groups over 50 people. The damage deposit will be returned 7 to 10 business days after the last date of rental. Any damages/losses/repairs/cleaning fees resulting from the activity of the renter or the renters’ guests will be withdrawn from the damage deposit, with any excess billed to the renter.

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