Tapestry Board Meeting – April 17th, 2017

Present: David K., David D., Jeanne, Madhu, Ed, Susan, Carole, Todd, Marc, Akilah, Midge, Christy.


  1. Minutes of March meeting. David apologized that he had not yet distributed the minutes of the March meeting. He will do so.
  2. Financial statements. Christy distributed the financial statements. Some discussion ensued of particular line items. There is nothing remarkable to report.
  3. A suggestion was raised that Tapestry try and get some press coverage connected with its payoff of the mortgage.
  4. Board members discussed various means of evaluating Tapestry programs. David K. noted that there are programs at the Humphrey School teaching evaluation; students need to do projects in the community to meet class requirements. He will look into getting Tapestry on the list of possible student internship locations next spring.
  5. Executive Director’s report:
  6. Call of the Loon was very successful. Final financial numbers are not yet in, but it was a great weekend.
  7. Christy has had a good conversation with the director of the karate studio. The karate students have stopped using the foot adhesive that was causing damage to the floors. Further, Christy and the director of the karate studio are in agreement that Tapestry is not the best fit for their classes. They are looking for another location, and Tapestry will allow them to exit their rental agreement early when they have found one.
  8. The piano was recently retuned, and the piano tuner that Tapestry uses has expressed his opinion that the piano is going out of tune more rapidly than it should, and it may be time for Tapestry to replace it. Board members strongly encouraged staff to collect opinions from the piano players that regularly use the piano about what type of instrument Tapestry really needs. (e.g., perhaps Tapestry should buy an electronic keyboard rather than another acoustic piano.) David K. will provide Christy with contact info for the musicians who regularly use pianos at contra. [Did someone agree to do this for English?]
  9. Sound equipment update. David K has met a couple of times with Doug Lohman, a friend of Tapestry and professional sound technician. David has asked Doug to provide Tapestry with two proposals: (1) a proposal to reconfigure the sound equipment for the entire facility, and (2) a proposal to serve as an ongoing consultant to Tapestry on sound issues. Proposal #1 is prompted by the immediate need to replace two speakers in the large studio, but also reflects an understanding that our current sound configuration is not well-oriented towards all users of the space. For example, a system designed to amplify live music being performed in the stage alcove is not necessarily well suited for performers using recorded music and teaching from in front of the large mirror.7. Community building. Marc suggested that it is important for board members to be proactive in addressing behaviors that can be unwelcoming to newer dancers. This led to a broader, lengthy discussion about effective communication strategies and the tensions inherent in keeping core dancers happy while making dance events attractive to newcomers. At one point, the board entered closed session to discuss the behavior of an individual dancer that has caused concern.
  10. Youth outreach. Marc asked for additional ideas on promoting youth involvement in Tapestry dance communities. David K. is going to try to reenergize discussions around the development of a youth-oriented contra dance weekend, an idea begun by Steve Peterson but currently in limbo. A lengthy discussion ensued about other possible actions. No other specific action was agreed upon for implementation at this time.

9. Ed reported that the marketing committee has arranged for Tapestry to have a table at the May Day festival on May 7. Volunteers will be needed to staff the table throughout the day.

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