Tapestry Board Meeting-August 17, 2017

Present: Akilah Sanders-Reed, David Dixen, Ed Stern, Sue Martin, Midge Olsen, Jeanne Novak, Christy Spillman George, Todd Petersen, Carole Wilson, Dana Hoeschen, Marc Scovill, Dathon Branch

  1. Meeting was called to order and the mission statement was read aloud.
  1. Consent Agenda was approved after Board Members did not raise any discussion points. Consent Agenda was delivered to the Board by email and consisted of the July minutes, Executive Director’s report, and financials.
  1. Sue presented material regarding nonprofit board governance, based on trainings and video provided by MAP for Nonprofits. Sue’s presentation included a conceptual organization chart depicting the current relationship among Tapestry’s Board, the Executive Director and hired staff, various committees and community members. and a comparison to a MAP-recommended organizational structure.
  1. Midge proposed a discussion rule called Critical Reviewfor the evening with the purpose of maximizing efficient discussion and staying focused. The Board adopted the rule for this meeting and will consider it as an ongoing tool.
  1. Board was notified that the Marketing and Rental Associate staff person no longer works at Tapestry.
  1. Carole wants improved communication flow for Board and staff. Carole also stated that Sue will be presenting governance topics at future meetings.
  1. Todd identified priority governance items.
  2. Tapestry is in a period of heavy staff turnover, which is causing difficulties for the organization.
  3. The Board hires the Executive Directory who is then responsible for hiring and managing staff, and individual Board members shall not direct the activities of the E.D. nor the hired staff.
  4. The Board will review the governance policies and address underlying issues that have precipitated the current situation.

Two motions proposed:

  1. The Board speaks with one voice and individual Board members shall not direct Tapestry’s E.D. nor staff unless approved by the Board as a whole. Executive officers may interact with E.D in official capacity, and may coordinate with staff when approved by E.D.  Motion approved by the Board.
  2. The Board of Directors requests that Tapestry, and the Program Committee as an ambassador of Tapestry, hold off three months (until the next quarterly Program Committee meeting) before approving or on-boarding any new programs, so that the Board can utilize that time to create more clear, transparent, and consistent structures within the organization that will be more supportive of all our programs, in collaboration with the Program Committee. We also ask that the Program Committee ensure future meetings are scheduled when the Executive Director is available, to maximize communication.  Motion approved by the Board.
  1. Tapestry staff is updating the contacts list for all programs. Board members will assist by reaching out personally to the programs and sending the information to the office.
  1. Board discussion of Balkan Dance event in collaboration with another nonprofit organization.  The registration and fee handling resulted may resultin loss of income for Tapestry.
  1. Board Boot Camp training is provided by MAP for Nonprofits and strongly recommended for Tapestry Board members.
  1. Discussion of potential new Board member who has experience with Tapestry and the community. Voting will be conducted electronically.
  1. September 18 there will be committee and subcommittee meetings. The next scheduled Board meeting will be October 2. October 16, Carole will once again host a social gathering for board members (no formal business conducted) at herhome in Minneapolis.


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