Tapestry Board Meeting – December 12th, 2016

Tapestry Minutes

December 12, 2016

  1. November 2016 minutes were approved.
  2. Financial statements. Mary reviewed the current financial statements. There was nothing remarkable to note. Mary said that in the past she has often offered a mid-year update to the budget, but she will instead wait on the hiring of a new executive director. She noted that the board should be looking ahead to the final mortgage payoff in January 2018, and said it was her strong recommendation that the organization pay it off at that point and not refinance further.
  3. Executive director report:
  4. Tapestry has accepted a bid for a new front door. It will be a full replacement with accessibility buttons.
  5. There appears to finally be an answer to the persistent problems with the new HVAC system. The building is not wired properly for the system to draw the power it needs. The facilities committee will work with Excel to sort that out.
  6. Tapestry has a new insurance provider. The cost of premiums will go down.
  7. Tapestry hired a marketing/rental coordinator — who then stayed in the position for only a few days. Mary immediately moved to hire a new person, Michael Salazar. He will work Mondays and Fridays.
  8. New board officers (e.g., president, vice president, secretary, treasurer). Carole reported that she and Midge had formed a subcommittee to develop a slate of officers. Per our policies, the new officers would be selected in January, then take their positions in July.
  9. David, David, and Akilah reported on the work of the executive director search committee. The members are David Dixen, David Kirchner, Akilah Sanders-Reed, Gina Bonsignore, George Power, Jinal Vakil, and Claudia Beerman. The committee has reviewed applications and decided whom to interview. There are several promising candidates. The committee intends to settle on finalists for the board to interview at the January 16 meeting.
  10. David K. brought forward a concern about child safety. He has been working on efforts in his faith community to protect children from predatory behavior, and has been thinking that Tapestry has no policies or even discussion of this issue, even though there are a number of programs in the building that children attend. He noted that the building has unlocked rooms where an adult could perhaps take a child without being remarked on. He commented that while such discussions are sometimes uncomfortable, it is far better to have them as a preventative measure than to react to an incident after it has occurred. The board discussed the issue further; no decisions were reached at this time.
  11. Ed brought forward a concern about the unclear rules surrounding food in the studios. He noted that there is supposedly a firm rule that there should be no food in the studios, but that this rule is sometimes not observed at Tapestry-sponsored events — e.g., Call of the Loon, annual membership meeting. He thought the rule out to be clarified, so there were not mixed messages. Discussion ensued. Mary said she would seek the recommendation of the facilities committee before setting a new policy, but the general consensus was that the policy should probably be something like “no food is allowed in the studios without advance permission from the Tapestry office.”


  1. Ed noted that the marketing committee is working on a social media policy, which he intends to bring to the board at a future meeting.
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