Tapestry Board Meeting – July 17th, 2017

Present: Carole Wilson, Dathan Branch, Marc Scovill, David Dixen, Jeanne Novak, Todd Petersen, Midge Olsen, Sue Martin, Christy Spillman George, Dana Hoeschen, Akilah Sanders-Reed

Absent: Ed Stern

  1. Board welcomed new member Dathan Branch and thanked outgoing president Marc Scovill.  Financial Assistant Dana Hoeschen was introduced to the Board.
  2. Minutes from June were approved with no changes.
  1. Bob Anholt and David Kirchner presented information about the condition of Tapestry’s sound system and options for necessary improvements to the sound system in the large room. Funds (approx. $5300) are already allotted for sound system improvement, with additional donations to be solicited if needed. Board approved Executive Director to authorize budgeted sound system purchases without further Board discussion.
  1. Executive Director’s Report:
    1. Data management project is ongoing.
    2. Facilities reports that fire alarm sensors need cleaning.
    3. Power shortage caused HVAC to shut down.
  1. Christy is resigning as Executive Director by August 31. She recommended that the Board hire Dana Hoeschen as interim director.
  1. Presentation and discussion of policy about food in dance studios by prior arrangement. Board voted to approve the food policy.
  1. Volunteer scheduling will transition to Dropbox.com and will no longer be handled by office staff. Contact list for programs is being updated.
  1. 2017 budget reviewed. 2018 budget approved by Board.
  1. Christy and Dana presented discussion of how Tapestry could be staffed and operated. Staff roles need clarification.
  1. Carole presented documents discussing viability of Tapestry dance programs. She proposed financial metrics (based on rental rates) for determining if a program is “low performing,” and proposed giving the Executive Director the authority to review and reschedule dance programs according to those metrics. The Board discussed the documents and proposals and will continue to review them.
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