Tapestry Board Meeting – June 19th, 2017

Present: Marc, Carole, Todd, David K., Madhu, David D., Sue, Jeanne, Midge, Ed, Christy

  1. The board approved the May minutes.
  2. Food policy. There was a discussion of a policy for groups using food in the studios. Although the general rule is that food is not allowed in the studios, groups have occasionally been allowed to have food. There has not been a consistent policy. Christy has consulted with the facilities committee and a written policy is being formulated.
  3. Board recruitment. David K. is leaving the board and will no longer be able to serve as a board member of the recruitment committee (though he can serve as a non-board member). Marc, who had been the other board member on the committee, will be away for several weeks. The board appointed Sue Martin and David Dixen to be new members of the recruitment committee. David K. will serve as a non-board member. The board brainstormed a few other individuals to serve as a fourth member of the committee. We are expecting one application to serve on the board; Dathan Evo has expressed interest.
  4. Celebration. The board celebrated the service of Madhu and David K., who are leaving the board after this meeting.
  5. Long term renters. The board discussed the distinctions among different renters of Tapestry’s space. Some long-term renters have come to expect that they will continue to be able to use Tapestry’s space as they have in the past, and Tapestry has frequently accommodated these expectations. However, there is no clear point at which a renter becomes a “long-term” renter. The board discussed various issues surrounding the differing treatment of renters without immediate resolution. Christy will seek input from existing renters before the board moves forward to adopt any formal policy.
  6. Sound system improvements. David K. said that he is continuing to work with Doug Lohman to develop a proposal for sound system changes.
  7. Major donor thank-you event and board social gathering. Carole announced that Gina Bonsignore will once again host the annual thank-you reception for major donors, on October 15. The next night, October 16, Carole will once again host a social gathering for board members (no formal business conducted) at her apartment in Minneapolis.


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