Tapestry Board Meeting – May 15th, 2017

Present: Marc, Carole, Todd, David, David, Akilah, Ed, Sue, Jeanne, Midge

Absent: Madhu

  1. Minutes. Minutes from the March and April meetings were approved.
  2. Financial Statements. Christy presented the financial statements. There are still some outstanding costs coming in for Call of the Loon; there were some miscommunications about what expenses would be covered by Tapestry. Christy characterized these as minor in terms of cost, but said she would seek clearer communication with the COTL committee around such expenses for next year.
  3. Executive Director’s Report.
  4. Tabling during the May Day festival in Powderhorn Park went well. Board members discussed acquiring a canopy for similar outdoor events. One board member owns a canopy and will consider offering it to Tapestry as a long-term loan.
  5. Christy has approved a special Saturday night fundraiser for Bollywood on Saturday, July 29, which will displace contra on that night. Several board members expressed concerns about this decision being made by staff without input from all affected dance communities. Board members expressed surprise that this request was not routed through either the contra committee or the program committee, and expressed further surprise when Christy noted that previous Bollywood requests for a similar fundraiser had been turned down by staff also without such consultation. Despite these concerns about the process, the consensus among board members was that the event should proceed as scheduled.
  6. Tapestry has a new rental partner, a group teaching Brazilian Zouk dancing.
  7. Board members are encouraged to participate in Tapestry clean-up day on June 3, and to publicize it in their dance communities.
  8. Facilities work. The facilities committee has discussed a number of possible uses for money that has been donated to Tapestry for physical upkeep of the building and which should be spent before the end of the fiscal year on June 30 (around $9,000). The committee has decided to spend funds on roof repairs, carpet maintenance, adding a drain to the handicapped bathroom, and back fence signage and possibly some back fence repairs. Another idea being considered is replacing the “twinkly lights” with something that looks a little nicer. After these items are addressed, the remainder of the funds (likely $4,000 or so) would be put toward improvements to Tapestry’s sound systems. David K. reported that he is waiting for a proposal from the professional sound consultant Tapestry has been in contact with.
  9. Food in dance studios. Ed expressed a concern that Tapestry’s policies on food in the studios remain ill-defined. The Board decided at a previous meeting that food would be allowed in the dance studios only with prior permission from staff. However, no guidance has been given to staff about how to decide on such requests. The Bollywood fundraiser in July, for example, is another instance of food being allowed in studios, but no conditions have been set forth by Tapestry for that event. Board members agreed that sharing food is an important part of community building and should be permitted (and even encouraged) in Tapestry’s spaces as long as appropriate precautions are taken to avoid damage. Ed suggested that there be a written policy on food use in the studios.The board requested that the facilities committee provide clearer guidance to staff for what steps should be taken to protect floors when food is allowed. (For example, should floors be covered in some way? Should those serving food be given clear protocols for appropriate cleaning when spills occur?) Christy will follow up with the facilities committee.
  10. Board recruitment. Board members brainstormed names of individuals who could be asked to apply to join the board. Board members also discussed the ideal size of the board and how many members should be sought for the next term.


7. Youth involvement. Board members further discussed efforts to promote Tapestry’s programs to younger dancers (teens and twenty-somethings). Marc would like to see Tapestry develop a “campaign” to this end. Board members were generally supportive of the idea, though no decisions were made at this time.

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