Tapestry Board Meeting- November 6, 2017

Present: Todd, Sue, Midge, Dathan, Ed, David, Akilah, Marc, Dana, Carole

(MSP = Moved, Seconded, Passed)

  1. The meeting was called to order by Carole, Todd read the Mission and Goals
  2. Consent Agenda

Minutes from the October 2 and 16 meetings were approved with minor corrections. These will be sent out and posted. In the future, corrections should be sent to the Board secretary at least 2 days ahead.

  1. Governance – Sue; Presentation of Policy and Procedure Manual

Sue and Dana presented new binders that contain all the Tapestry policies, bylaws, and useful information about nonprofits. Although these will reside in the office to be used during meetings, they will be available for checkout.

  1. ED Report and Finance – Dana

Generally, our income is quite a bit below the budgeted income for the quarter. Our expenses are somewhat lower than budgeted. Our utility costs are of significant concern, especially electricity. This is due to the thermostats being mismanaged. The electric bill for July-September was nearly $1800. Program and rental users are urged to return the thermostats to their proper settings!

Dana presented a Revenue Budget Proposal as target numbers. This proposal suggests $6700 per month from Tapestry dance programs, about 40% of total revenue. This is attainable if attendance at dances is at or near capacity.

Currently, member discounts for dances (primarily contra and IFD) is costing us the equivalent of 64 memberships ($4392) per year. After considerable discussion of pros and cons of the member discount, along with other options, the Board directed the membership and admissions committees to meet with the ED to bring some proposals back to the Board for consideration. A concern was raised about the tax ramifications of gifts as a perk for membership.

  1. Old Business

MSP to add USA Ballroom dance one Friday a month. USA provides the admissions person, Tapestry provides the house manager, revenue is split 50/50. This program will bring in many young dancers. The dances will begin in January, under contract for one year.

  1. New Business
  1. MSP to add a bylaws addition regarding Parliamentary Authority

“The rules contained in the current edition of ‘Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised’ shall govern the proceedings of the Tapestry board in all cases to which they are applicable. The bylaws and other governing documents of Tapestry take precedence over parliamentary rules. These rules are default only if there are no contrary provisions in any Federal, State, or other law applicable to Tapestry, or in Tapestry’s bylaws or other governing documents.”

  1. New Policies – Sue

a.Tapestry Organization Chart: MSP for figure 3 (attached)

  1. Executive Director Job Description (with ED Evaluation attached): MSP to adopt. In discussion, Leslie made several suggestions for additional job duties. The Governance Committee agreed to add them as revisions, which be voted on at the December meeting. Other concerns were addressed.
  1. Committees Policy: MSP with the following revisions
  • Facilities: add “security issues”
  • Steering committees: change name to “Dance Program Steering Committees”; change language to “schedule” talent.
  • Admissions and Committee “and terms” to black
  • Membership Committee: meet “as needed, at least annually”
  • Board Nominating committee: in bullet points: Three absences per year.
  1. Policy on Staff Positions (with Marketing Assistant and Finance Assistant job descriptions attached) MSP without Marketing Assistant and Finance Assistant job descriptions; these will be added later by the ED.
  1. No Solicitation Policy
- tabled for more preparation.
  1. Social Media policy will also be put into the new format and voted on at the December meeting.

Mark expressed thanks to all who worked on these policies.

  1. Mortgage burning celebration is scheduled for Jan 27. Plans include a potluck at 6, mortgage “burning” around 7, mixed dancing in the small studio, contra dance in the large studio. We are also hoping to get many of our rental groups involved. An ad hoc Special Events committee has been formed to work on the celebration with Midge Olsen as the Board representative.

Announcements, meeting dates, gratitude and adjournment

  1. MAP Workshop – Monday, November 20 at Tapestry; 7pm
  2. December meeting – Dec 18
  3. Meeting was adjourned.
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