Tapestry Board Meeting- October 16, 2017

Tapestry: Minutes from October 16th Board Meeting

Meeting occurred offsite at Carole Wilson’s home, followed by Board social event

Present: Akilah Sanders-Reed, David Dixen, Ed Stern, Sue Martin, Midge Olsen, Jeanne Novak, Todd Petersen, Carole Wilson, Marc Scovill, Dathon Branch

  1. Meeting called to order
  1. Carole presented the proposal for USA Dance to start a regular program at Tapestry. Carole indicated that Dana Hoeschen strongly endorsed the program. Board members favored adding the USA Dance program, with some questions about implementation. Board had previously voted to freeze the program in place until November. Board vote was split on the proposal to add the new program because the program freeze was in effect. Board will revisit the matter and will vote again at the November 6th meeting.
  1. Carole presented the idea of adding a camera security system to our outdoor areas due to increasing frequency of car break-ins in Tapestry parking lots. The Board wishes the Facilities committee to consider a range of other security measures.  The Board determined that a camera security system is costly and is unnecessary at this time.
  1. Carole presented a request for the karate rental partner to continue renting at Tapestry.  This program previously caused some floor damage so the Board had approved ending their contract early.  Karate has had no further occurrences of floor damage and requested to continue their contract.  Board voted to approve the contract renewal.
  1. New Years Eve falls on the fifth Sunday of December. Contra will have their weekly dance on New Year’s Eve in the large studio. English Country will have their usual dance that evening until 9 pm and, following that, International Folk Dance will be in the small studio between 9 pm and midnight.
  1. Dana Hoeschen resigned from the role of Interim Executive Director and will retain the role of Finance Assistant.  Carole shared a personal email from Dana that further described Dana’s frustrations with the ED role. Board discussed ways to alleviate some of the pressures on staff and cover various staff duties while there is no ED. Some office tasks can be covered by volunteers, other tasks (like website) can use paid help.
  1. Board voted to have Dana send an e-blast to update the community on the financial trend due to decreasing attendance. Midge was requested to write the e-blast.
  1. Leslie MacKenzie, a Board member candidate as well as a former Tapestry marketing assistant, was introduced to the Board as the meeting adjourned. Leslie was voted onto the Board by email vote after the meeting.
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