Tapestry Board Meeting- October 2, 2017

Tapestry:  Minutes from Board meeting October 2, 2017

Present: Akilah Sanders-Reed, David Dixen, Ed Stern, Sue Martin, Jeanne Novak, Todd Petersen, Carole Wilson, Dana Hoeschen, Dathon Branch

  1. Meeting opened with reading of mission statement & goals.
  1. Consent agenda items were sent by email in advance of the meeting. Items included minutes from August meeting, ED report, financials, and existing policies/recent Board decisions in updated format. Board passed the consent agenda.
  1. Sue presented governance discussion about life stages of a nonprofit organization. Board members had previously responded to an online survey about Tapestry’s “life stage.” Results show that the Board believes Tapestry can grow and needs some redesign. Sue gave an overview of the milestones, opportunities, and sticking points typical of NPOs in the growth and redesign stages.  Board determined that open communication with the community is important and noted that Dana had begun dialogues with community groups in September.
  1. Dana and Todd presented financial analysis charts based on Tapestry’s income and expenses for Q1 of fiscal year 2018 (July through September 2017).  They highlighted the need for individual programs to meet and eventually exceed the cost of running those programs. Weekend nights are premium dance nights and could bring in enough dancers to sustain other programs, optimally 100 paid admissions every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The ratio of program attendance income to program cost has been decreasing.  Rental income has become more important for sustaining Tapestry’s regular programs.  Tapestry’s cash reserves have been impacted by sustaining programs and special events (ie International weekend)  that are not breaking even. Operating costs for the building are a constant factor that must be covered as well.
  1. Akilah reported on the meeting of the Program Committee.
    1. USA Dance, a nonprofit ballroom dance organization with a mission to support youth and collegiate dancers, would like to add a ballroom dance program, November or later.
    2. A one-time fifth Sunday session of Ballroom Dance Party was requested for Sunday October 29.
    3. The Latin Dance program that was proposed never got set up enough to develop into a Tapestry program but the Committee remains open to it.
    4. Line Dance Party is not thriving. Committee is open to ending this program.
    5. Program Committee would like open two-way communication with the Board of Directors.
  1. Todd reported that the Governance Committee (David, Sue, Carol, and Todd) took a one-hour MAP for Nonprofits workshop.  The Committee’s takeaway was that Tapestry needs to strengthen its organizational structure.
  1. Carole presented a list of 8 proposals for improving the financial margins.
    1. Reschedule or cancel programs based on financial performance. Board voted No and will revisit the proposal in November.
    2. Discontinue giving passes to openers & closers at Techno Contra. Board voted Yes.
    3. Techno Contra admissions done by participants. Board voted Yes.
    4. Discontinue counting passes as income. Board voted Yes.
    5. Lower the free child age to 7 and under. Board voted Yes.
    6. Establish student rage age of 8 through college. Board voted Yes.
    7. Discontinue paying split income when admissions are $40 or less. Board voted No and will revisit the proposal in November.
    8. For programs with an agreement, all gross admissions are split 50/50. Expenses are paid by the program; 2 part programs have 2 contacts. Board voted No and will revisit the proposal in November.
  1. Carole gave a historical report of operations history at Tapestry based on information from Robin Murie.
  1. Carole spoke to the importance of the Board policy of “Speak with one voice” as we discuss organizational changes with community members.
  1.  Dana and Akilah presented a Membership Committee proposal for a new membership structure that coincides with Tapestry’s upcoming 35th anniversary year, with a goal of increasing membership.
    1. Standard membership price drops from $70 to $60 per year. $2/dance discount removed. New member perk is $25 gift card to use for admissions.  New Sustainer membership perk is $50 admissions gift card.  New level, “35 and Thrive” membership costs $350/year (sustainers $30/month) and perk is a $50 admissions gift card.
    2. Current members continue with current rates and benefits until expiration date, with all Sustainer $2 discounts expiring 12/31/18.
    3. Monthly member newsletters would be emailed to members and include member discounts and coupons.
    4. Membership committee established pre-launch requirements for new structure.
    5. Todd advised that the gift card proposal may have financial and tax implications that must be researched before implementation.

The Board voted to implement the new membership structures.

  1. Sue presented a report and policy proposals from the Governance Committee. Based on financial performance reports, staff turnover and the need for clarity of roles and responsibility, three policies were proposed.
    1. Development, adoption, & implementation of policies – Board voted to adopt.
    2. Board member duty of confidentiality – Board voted to adopt.
    3. Board member code of ethics – Board voted to adopt.
  1. Announcements;
    1. Ballroom Dance Party will have a Fifth Sunday dance on 10/29.
    2. Carole applied for a grant of $500 from Western Bank to pay for the MAP Workshop on November 20.
    3. October 16th is the annual Board social, which will be preceded by a meeting. These will take place at Carole’s home.
    4. Next Board meeting at Tapestry will happen November 6.
    5. November 20 is the regularly scheduled meeting date. Per updates via email, this date will be reserved for a Board workshop presented by MAP For Nonprofits. Proposed December meeting dates are December 4 and 18.



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