Tapestry Board Meeting – March 20th, 2017

Present: Marc, David K., David D., Akilah, Jeanne, Ed, Midge, Sue, Christy

Absent: Madhu, Carole, Todd

  1. February minutes were approved.
  2. Executive Director’s report. Christy reported that she has been reorganizing the Tapestry office and some of the building’s storage spaces, discarding old materials and documents that are clearly out-of-date and unneeded.
  3. The board reviewed financial statements. Christy said that given how close we are to the end of the fiscal year, she did not see a need to present a revised budget at this point.
  4. Program Associate. The board discussed further the program associate position. The board took no action. Board members suggested that given our ongoing discussions and the need to consult with Tapestry’s dance communities, a plausible timeline would be to budget for the new position to start in the next fiscal year.
  5. Marc asked board members to think about ways of recruiting younger dancers to Tapestry. A discussion of various issues related to several different dance communities ensured. No action was taken.
  6. David reported that the back speakers in the large hall have torn cones and need to be repaired or replaced. He has communicated with Doug Lohman, who is running sound for Call of the Loon. Doug will plan to bring other speakers to use instead of the malfunctioning ones. David is looking into replacement/repair options and will communicate with Christy.
  7. David reported on an issue that was brought to him about a particular contra dancer’s inappropriate behavior. David consulted with Jeanne, and both discussed the problem with the person who raised the issue. A third dancer that knows the individual in question was recruited to talk with the individual. David suggested that no further action need be taken unless another complaint is brought forward. The person who made the original complaint is fully satisfied with this outcome. Christy will note the matter in case a future question is raised about this dancer.

8. New board member recruitment. David K. and Marc will serve on the committee to recruit and interview new board members. All board members were reminded that recruitment is a shared responsibility of the entire board.

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