Tapestry Folkdance Center Board Meeting, February 15, 2016

Present: Marc Scovill, Claudia Graebel Beermann, Jeanne Novak, Mary Cummings (Executive Director), Barbara Beltrand, Todd Petersen, Ed Stern, David Dixen, Carole Wilson, David Kirchner, Barb Hassing

Absent: Madhu Bangalore

1. Minutes: January minutes approved with editorial changes.
2. Financial Report (Mary):

• Mary is recommending that the board move $15,000 from the main donor unrestricted funds to the building fund. Mary noted that the donor was motivated by building concerns as well as Tapestry’s financial health. Board approved this action.
• David Dixen reported on HVAC bidding relevant to the $15,000 shifting of funds. Two HVAC bids have been submitted and the committee is waiting for a third bid. Some of the bid details are different. The facilities committee will consolidate the bids and report to the board.

The board asked the facilities to review all the bids and send a recommendation to the board. Then the board will have an email discussion and vote. If a majority of board members agree the project will be approved.

3. Executive Director’s report:
Mary asked if we have any possible suggestions on revamping the videos on the website. The videos provide a crucial basis for what to expect from our organization.

We are looking at adding video clips focusing on different dancer demographics: young adults under 30, injured dancers, older dancers, etc. Mary asked if anyone knows any young adult dancers who might be interested in appearing in a video clip.

Leslie MacKenzie is storyboarding the videos and is looking for volunteers from the dance community who are willing to participate. A student director has offered to work up the videos. David Kirchner would like each dance community to be involved in the storyboarding.

• We have longstanding problems with getting volunteers who are willing to serve as house managers and admissions volunteer? There is a special need for getting volunteers at contra. The opening house manager starts early, the closing house manager stays late. Admissions people have very little time to dance. It is not fun to sit out and do admissions for three hours. You are stuck there.

International splits admissions into two people per night. International has openers and closers. That is all they do.

It was recommended that board members volunteer as house managers or admissions volunteer because it is a good way to get introduced to the public. Another model is that the opening and closing responsibilities should be coordinated by each dance committee, e.g. contra, English, etc. But we are not ready for that yet.

Strategic planning. Please help us determine one or two overarching goals for Tapestry. This should be very general. Goals are very broad.

The board starting the strategic planning process by reviewing three strategic goals proposed by Mary Cummings. After the board discussion, we decided to ask Mary to take her notes and redraft the three goals and send them to the board via email. The board will suggest final changes and finish the email discussion by the end of February. The goals will be a starting point for a strategic planning meeting in April, when the board will meet with Elaine Weber Nelson, our consultant, to continue strategic planning.

4. Methods of Communication
• We will keep closed session communication in closed session. Board will not communicate via email after closed session.

5. Potential Parking Issues.
No new information on the parking. No new timeline for construction.

6. Committee reports will be submitted by email in advance of meeting. Board resolution by Ed Stern seconded by Jeanne Novak.

Meeting adjourned 9:45 pm.

Next meeting: March 14, 7:30pm.

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