Tapestry Minutes Aug 15, 2016

Present: Carole Wilson, Barbara Hassing, Todd Peterson, David Kirchner, Jeanne Novak, David Dixon, Marc Scovill, Mary Cummings
Absent: Ed Stern, Madhu Bangalore

  1. Minutes were approved.
  2. Mary distributed the July financial statements. There was nothing noteworthy to report. The office has not yet finalized the Fiscal Year 2016 financial statements.
  3. Mary reported that — as directed by the board — she is working on contracts/agreements for use by Tapestry’s dance communities when hiring teachers, musicians, or other dance leaders. She shared an early draft. Board members discussed some of the concerns that have already been raised. Mary will continue to circulate draft documents and have conversations with Tapestry’s dance communities.
  4. Mary reported that Bruce Nelson will lead a training on the use of Tapestry’s new heating and air conditioning system on Wednesday evening, August 17. She reported that the facilities committee appears close to wrapping up the final issues related to the new installation.
  5. Mary reported that the facilities committee will be seeking bids for resurfacing the parking lot next to the building. Estimated cost is around $20,000. She also noted that the Minneapolis city code has changed and no longer requires Tapestry to maintain as many parking spaces as it once did. The facilities committee is preparing a letter to the owner of the property on the other side of the parking lot next to our building to start a renegotiation of our current agreement over the use and maintenance of the lot.
  6. Carole and Barbara presented a compendium of Tapestry’s policies and procedures, which incorporated both (1) previous policies and (2) language that the board recently removed from the bylaws with the intention of shifting them into the organization’s policies. A long discussion ensued as board members suggested and agreed on multiple changes, nearly all of which were technical or clarifying in nature. A motion was made that the board adopt the new policies and procedures, as amended, with the exception of the section on Board Officers and Board Members, and that these supersede all previously existing Tapestry policies and procedures. The motion passed unanimously.It was generally agreed that the new policies and procedures are a “work in progress” and will require clarifications and revisions moving forward. The section on board officers and board members was held over to a future meeting because the proposed language confused the selection of board officers with the selection of board members. Board members felt that the needed corrections were too complicated to be addressed through oral amendments and asked that the section be revised and brought back at another meeting. Carole and Barbara agreed to rework that section and bring it to a future board meeting.
  1. A motion was made that Midge Olsen and Akilah Sanders-Reed be appointed to fill current board vacancies, each for a term beginning in September 2016 and ending in June 2019. The motion passed unanimously and enthusiastically. David K. noted that the board is still smaller in size than we would like, and that recruitment of new board members is an ongoing shared responsibility. David K. and Mary will work together to provide the new board members with introductory information.
  2. Two topics were introduced that will be addressed at future meetings. Marc asked that the board consider listing in the minutes the individuals who vote in favor of and against particular proposals. Carole would like the board to consider additional membership options for those with low incomes.
  3. Marc noted that board members have increased the number of times they have abstained from votes recently. He is dissatisfied with this trend and challenged board members to gather enough information so that they can be comfortable taking a position on the proposals that come to the board.
  4. The board is still without a permanent secretary. David K. agreed to serve as secretary for the September meeting. Mary noted that she will be out of town for that meeting.

Submitted by David Kirchner, acting secretary



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